LPL Summer 2022 Playoffs Preview: EDG vs. LNG

EDG and LNG are set to battle tomorrow for their hopes of reaching the LPL Summer 2022 Playoffs Finals.

LNG and EDG are now in the losers bracket and hope to win this series to keep their playoff hopes alive. Unfortunately, both of these teams lost to JDG and TES, respectively, and are not in a win or wait until the Regionals matchup. With that said, let’s talk about the series and the stakes for both teams.


While both teams lost differently, they are now battling to have a chance at making it further into the playoffs. EDG put up an excellent fight against TES, which resulted in a five-game close series. On the other hand, LNG fought in the first game but crumbled against JDG. Therefore, both teams must bounce back to perform well to go to the loser’s bracket finals.

What is at stake for EDG and LNG?

The stakes are high for both teams. The winner stays in the playoffs for one more shot at the finals, while the loser awaits the Regional tournament. Not only that, but the winner also gets more championship points, yielding them one of the top two seeds in Regionals. It is a massive boon as the top two seeded teams in Regionals have two chances to make it to Worlds as either the third or fourth seed.

Although the fourth seed gets them to the Play-ins, it is still part of Worlds 2022, and they expect to make the main tournament. Hence, the stakes are pretty high for both teams.

What to expect from the series between EDG and LNG?

Both teams are coming into the series differently. EDG had a hard-fought battle against TES, so they are coming in a better form. On the other hand, while LNG competed and almost returned in two of the three games, they still lost, mainly due to JDG dominating the early game. That will be a concern for LNG as JDG dominated their early game.

Although, there are many positives to look at in LNG. DoinB’s roaming is effective, and his curveball picks can help LNG win games. Also, Light and Lvmao have shown they can be on good bot lane. However, Light’s positioning is suspect, and Tarzan’s early game presence is low. If LNG can fix up their early game and Light can fix his positioning, LNG has a good chance to win this series.

On EDG’s side of things, they should be a little disappointed that they could not beat TES, but they look in very good form. Viper, Meiko, and Scout looked good against TES, while Flandre did what was needed for the team. This series will be interesting to see as to jungler starts for EDG.

Two things will determine the series:

  1. Whoever is capable of winning on the red side
  2. The better jungler will win

For this series, the jungler’s impact will be most important. Both teams have had issues in the jungle, which will be interesting. Also, the red side has been a thorn on most teams’ sides, so winning a game on the red side could go a long way.

In Conclusion

This series will be exciting as both teams battle for much more than the playoffs. Worlds is what they aim for, and winning this series could make that easier. Any advantage is good, especially in the LPL, where there are so many good teams domestically. All in all, it should be an excellent series to watch. For the LPL schedule, refer to the LoLEsports Website.

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