LPL Spring Week 6 Power Rankings

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With half of the LPL Spring Split done and dusted, here is our power rankings going into Week 6.

LPL is off to a banging start as the top of the LPL looks as stacked as ever. There are four teams with 7 wins currently with the 5th team right behind their heels with games in hand. Meanwhile, the rest of the teams are just fighting it out to get a playoff spot. Let’s talk about the rankings going into Week 6 now.

Week 6 Power Rankings

There is quite a bit of shift compared to our last power rankings as our rankings are done bi-weekly. The top of the LPL have shuffled yet again and there is a new #1 on our list. This might be one of the most competitive LPL splits in recent times.

To note, this does not take into account the series that was played today.

LPL Spring Week 6 Power Rankings

The top five are really close at the moment in our opinion so this could change really quickly in a week. However, based on the last 2 weeks, this is the order we went with. There is a big gulf in skill level right now between the top 5 and the rest. So with all that said, let’s talk about the teams briefly.

1. Weibo Gaming

WBG sneakily turned into the best team in the LPL for now. They are on a 6 win streak and have the highest ongoing streak as LNG lost yesterday. While they were playing solid as a team, the real opinion changer was their series against EDG. WBG dominated EDG and that turned a lot of heads, thus landing in #1 in our rankings.

The next two weeks will be a big test as they do play LNG in Week 6 and RNG in Week 7, not to mention OMG in Week 6 as well. All in all, this is a great run WBG is on, and let’s hope they can keep it up.

2. EDward Gaming

It’s safe to say that EDG was #1 on everyone’s mind until the series against WBG. That was perhaps a rude awakening that EDG kind of needs considering how they were winning while not looking at their best. Whether that is a blessing is another topic altogether as EDG is going into the stretch where they play the other contenders.

EDG is going to play V5, TES, and RNG in the next 2 weeks. Thus, the next 2 weeks will determine whether EDG stays pat around the top or plummet down the lists.

3. Victory Five

This is probably the one new roster people did not quite expect to be this good yet. Everyone was hyping up BLG/LNG/RNG while V5 just kept winning in most series. The fact that they trounced RNG proves how well they are playing this split. However, it’s a matter of whether they can keep it up. The series against WBG, while it went 2-1, did not look close in games 2 and 3.

Their series against EDG this week will certainly change opinions if they were to win. Also, V5 plays LNG in Week 6 and a pretty good JDG in Week 7. These two weeks could certainly propel them in the top 2 spots if things go their way.

4. Royal Never Give Up

Despite RNG winning yesterday against an unbeaten LNG, they land in 4th. RNG is quite an interesting case this split. While they acquired Bin, he did not really feel like he was comfortable until yesterday’s series. It’s those situations for which they acquired Bin while swapping Xiaohu to mid lane. Again, growing pains were somewhat expected, but they are still struggling to find a groove as a team.

To callback to yesterday’s series, they did not look very convincing in the wins barring game 3. Game 2 was decided because LNG made the biggest mistake of being in a choke vs a Corki with package. However, credit to where it is due, RNG is playing well enough to be a top 4 team. Week 7 will be the pivotal week for them as they play WBG and EDG that week.

5. LNG Esports

LNG had a hot start, but we really did not believe that record in its entirety. Sure, they were racking up wins, but we saw this from LNG the last year. Also, their schedule was relatively easy in comparison since their strongest opponent thus far has been RNG, who they played yesterday. They were on a great run but frankly speaking, they did not really beat top caliber teams.

Sure BLG and FPX are good teams, but as of now, they are not really contenders. Every win matters but when it comes to power rankings, it’s about beating your main competition and LNG has not quite done that yet. Furthermore, LNG has not looked convincing in many of the series as a whole. Thus, it’s hard to judge how good they are, hence they are lower in the rankings. Week 6 should answer a lot of questions regarding LNG as they face WBG and V5.

6. Bilibili Gaming

BLG has been in a rut in the past few weeks. They competed against LNG, but they lost to IG where they should have won the series. It’s a tale of two sides as BLG looked great in some series and not so great in others. Granted, they have that one excellent win against WBG early on, but they have not been as convincing since then against quality competition. Week 6 and 7 should be about holding their position as they would expect a 4-0 run.

7. Top Esports

TES rises up our list to 7th with a better showing in the past 2 weeks and the other teams botching their positions. Even the series against JDG was so close that it was hard to call. If not for JDG’s mistakes, JDG might be in 7th instead of TES. Regardless, TES is trending a bit upwards compared to the start of the split.

Tian is back in the lineup and Wayward is doing well in the past week or 2. Also, Mark has fit in well with the team and the bot lane looks better for TES. Now, it feels like TES has more of a direction of what to do. So, with a talented roster like theirs, they should be trending upwards. Whether top 5 is possible, only time will tell. Week 6 and 7 will be a challenge as they are all potential playoff takings facing TES.

8. JD Gaming

JDG so far can be explained by the addition of Hope. Before Hope played, JDG looked a bit lost. After Hope joined in, the team just look better. They aren’t quite where they would hope to be just yet. Kanavi is certainly playing better and 369 has been entirely on and off. That one mistake from 369 cost them the series against TES. Overall, they are a good team but how far they rise will be one to watch out for.

9. Oh My God

OMG is starting to come back to earth as they are facing the stronger teams. While they started off well, now they are starting to play like the team people expected, a middle-of-the-pack team. The team has a lot of flaws to work on such as their early game laning and such. Two out of the three upcoming series should be wins for OMG, so those are the games to watch to see where this team ranks.

10. FunPlus Phoenix

FPX certainly start the season well but now are coming down to the mean. Their aggressive plays are indeed their calling card but this is the LPL, every team is aggressive. It’s actually when they are aggressive is the problem at times. They tend to swing for the fences when they don’t need to and that has cost them at times. The next two weeks are important as this could solidify the playoff position we can expect from them this split.

11. Rare Atom

RA was in a bad spell until Week 5 when they placed two of the bottom teams of the league. It seems like the current RA is what the team’s usual skill level is as they don’t seem to win against the top teams. It is to be expected considering they have a rookie mid laner. The next two weeks could determine if they make the playoffs as they will play FPX and OMG, which will be pivotal wins in the playoff run.

12. Invictus Gaming

IG is certainly raising some eyebrows with their performances as of late. They are really doing well as a team considering the restructuring they have had to go through. Question is, can they keep it up. If they want to get into a playoff position and get a foothold, they have to win these 3 upcoming series. It’s interesting to see IG as they play and progress as a team.

13. Anyone’s Legend

AL is surging as a team as they finally have a beat on what their starting lineup should be. This is a middling team that was kind of underperforming. Now, with some good performances on their belt, they can perhaps make a playoff push, as unlikely as it seems. The tail end of the playoff spots is up for grabs still as many teams run to achieve one. Let’s hope AL can keep this run up.

14. Ultra Prime

UP was being competitive at the start of the split, but now they are falling off a bit. It seems they have a lot to work on as a team. At this moment, it’s very hard to see them making a playoff run, so they end up at 14th on this list.

15. ThunderTalk Gaming

TT, WE, and LGD could be bundled into one when you talk about them. TT in particular looks a bit better than the other two at times, but they still aren’t to a point where they can sneak into the playoffs. Ucal being able to play finally is good, so let’s hope TT does get better as a team to be a playoff team next split.

16. Team WE

WE look like they are building for the next split and onwards at the moment. With the status of being unknown, this team could sell him soon and just build for the future. It is sad to see WE doing this, but it is what it is.

17. LGD Gaming

LGD is the weakest team in the LPL, no doubt about it. They are just so inconsistent as a team with not a proper identity on how they want to play. They have some decent players but nothing really jumps out. So, that is that for LGD.

In Conclusion

LPL Week 6 and 7 will be important for the middle of the pack teams that are vying or fighting to cement playoffs. Thus, it will be great to watch the games these weeks to get a read on what we can expect with the playoffs. As a new patch is coming soon, it will be fun to see how LPL adapts.

LPL Spring Split continues every day as more exciting games take place and provide entertainment to all LPL fans.

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