LPL Spring Split 2022 To Start 10th January

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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Image Credit: LPL English Official Twitter

Another season of the LPL is set to start from the 10th of January.

A lot has happened in this offseason for the LPL. A lot of prospective super teams have been formed with one of the legends in Uzi coming back to professional play. With all that said, LPL has always been the volatile and chaotic league. Also, it’s very hard to predict how the LPL will go. That is simply why viewers watch it, the action, the excitement, the upsets. Thus, the most enticing league in LoLEsports returns in about 10 days, and it’s going to be a banger of a season.

LPL announced through their social media handles that the LPL is coming back in the first half of next month. Their new slogan perfectly epitomizes what the league is all about, a lot of action and chaos.

A lot of teams have improved in this offseason. Worlds representatives LNG Esports, and RNG have beefed up their rosters while EDG returns with the Worlds winning squad. Iconic players such as Uzi, Rookie, and TheShy are going to be on different teams as well. Furthermore, teams have strengthened across the board at the top. That just amps up the wait for the next season.

A lot is at stake for these teams as there are so many strong teams in the region, but they only fight for four spots at Worlds. This is what makes LPL the most exhilarating league to sit back and watch. As they said with their new slogan “Crazy is our game”.

The schedule is not out yet, but it should be revealed in a few days time. Also, we will be putting out more preview content before the LPL restarts to get viewers up to speed on which team to root for. Thus, we await another beginning of a great year for the LPL. LPL kicks off Spring Split 2022 on January 10th from 1 am PST.

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