LPL Spring 2022 Week 2 Power Rankings

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LPL Week 1 has come to a close and here is this upcoming week’s power rankings going into Week 2 of the LPL Spring Split 2022.

LPL Spring Split 2022 Week 1 has been a preview of what to expect from the rest of the games to come. It has been fairly action-packed despite the mid lane meta being Viktor/Corki. Overall, there were some great games that occurred with many teams pulling out a lead starting off the split. Thus, we are unveiling our power rankings going into Week 2 for the LPL Spring 2022.

Week 2 Power Rankings

With Week 1 done and dusted, we have seen a shift compared to our tier list at the start of the split. Taking the new developments and results into account, here is our LPL Spring 2022 power rankings on the graphic below. Following that will be a short explanation for each ranking.

LPL Spring 2022 Week 2 Power Rankings

1. EDward Gaming

EDG is still the top team in the LPL until they drop games. In Week 1, they went 2-0 against inferior competition and took care of business. They face OMG in Week 2, so it will be a big test for them. Other than that, Not much else to say other than the fact that the Worlds 2021 Champions are still at the top.

2. LNG Esports

An improved roster of LNG lands at #2. They have had a few sloppy plays especially yesterday vs Rare Atom, but they still won out. With the addition of DoinB, this team is still trying to find its groove and get better as a team. Next week should be another momentum-building week for LNG.

3. FunPlus Phoenix

FPX rose a lot this week following their Demacia Cup showing. They beat RNG and LGD this week and the win against RNG was impressive. A team that has a weaker roster than last year is certainly performing really well thus far. They should be continuing this run in Week 2 as the schedule is favorable for 2 wins.

4. Oh My God

OMG is continuing the stellar improvement they showed in LPL Summer 2021. Now, with a new top laner in shanji, this team is taking another step forward. They won three games this week but this was an expected 3-0 week for them. Next week is BLG and EDG, so that will be a big test for this squad.

5. Rare Atom

The biggest surprise of the split thus far is Rare Atom. With a worse roster than last year, this team is stepping up a lot. They beat TES convincingly and pushed LNG as far as they could. Strive is showing a lot of promise as a mid laner and Zorah is getting better as a support. They face V5 next week, and it will be interesting to watch that series on Thursday.

6. Bilibili Gaming

BLG played the one game this week and that was earlier today against Weibo Gaming. It was a back and forth series with not a lot of difference between the two teams. Uzi did not play today and this team still has a lot of kinks to iron out. They just play the one game next week against OMG, another potential playoff team for the split.

7. Weibo Gaming

As referred above, there is not much to separate WBG and BLG, thus WBG is 7th. They beat WE fairly convincingly and had a back and forth series against BLG. This team shows great prowess in lane but their decision-making is a bit of a problem. Next week should be fairly easy for them as they play Anyone’s Legend and ThunderTalk Gaming next week.

8. Royal Never Give Up

For us, RNG drops a fair bit after Week 1. They have looked shaky on both of their series. Other than Xiaohu at mid, the rest of the team has yet to kick off the split well. Wei has had his struggles and Bin is still trying to get accustomed to the team. It will take some time for this team to gel and next week is perfect for them as they play weaker competition in Week 2.

9. Victory Five

V5 played just the one game versus Team WE earlier today. It was a close series and V5 prevailed at the end. Rich did not play today as he still is not available to play yet. Regardless, there is a lot of veteran presence on this team and a talented bot lane. They will be a very solid team going forward. RA and TES are their next opponents so it’s a good test to see what this team is made of.

10. Top Esports

Speaking of TES, TES lands at 10th for us. Losing to RA is a big blow, but they bounce back against Ultra Prime. Xiaopeng was excellent against UP and this TES squad is very solid from top to bottom. The real question is synergy at the moment, which will get better over time. They play WE and V5 next week and they have to win these games to prove they are a top team in the LPL.

11. Team WE

WE have an 0-2 start but the record does not do justice to this team. They faced two strong teams in WBG and V5 and were competitive in those series. View has been playing well as the team’s jungler but beishang not playing is quite the mystery. Regardless, their schedule does not get any weaker in Week 2 as they place TES and LNG.

12. Ultra Prime

UP played two potential top teams this week in TES and LNG. Despite losing, this team can be in the playoff hunt once the schedule gets a bit easier for them. They do play EDG in Week 2 but the match against LGD in Week 2 should give them the start they want after playing some top teams in the LPL.

13. Invictus Gaming

A dilapidated IG still managed to go 1-1 this week. However, considering their win is against TT, we cannot give them too much credit. Thus, they land in 13th in our power rankings. It looked bleak for them today vs OMG and the difference in skill showed today. Next week does not get any easier as they play LNG and RNG.

14. JD Gaming

JDG is in quite a rut after going 0-2 in week 1. Despite the start, they are going to get Hope from Week 2 and onwards so that should be a boost. They have an easier game to start off the week vs LGD, but they play FPX later, so it’s a mixed bag for this JDG squad. A lot to improve on going forward if they want to make the playoffs.

15. Anyone’s Legend

A team that was thought of as a team on the fringe of making playoffs is not living up to that. They look weaker than expected however, they have not played Maple yet. So maybe there is some life for this team but we wouldn’t count on it. Next week is going to be pretty hard as they play FPX, RNG, and WBG.

16. LGD Gaming

LGD is still in the weird run they had the last split. This team is not showing much progress despite the competitive series against AL. However, it’s not indicative of how dismal this team looks at times. Hopefully, they will pick back up as they play JDG and UP next week.

17. ThunderTalk Gaming

For Week 1, it’s safe to say that TT is the worst team in the LPL thus far. They looked out of their depths versus OMG and EDG and iG also did away with them convincingly. Maybe they will bounce back as the split progressed. However, they play RNG and WBG next week so the bounce back likely won’t be next week.

Games To Watch In Week 2 Of LPL Spring 2022

There are some important games coming in Week 2 as all the LPL games matter since it’s a single round-robin. Thus, here are our games to watch this week.

  • WE vs TES (Wednesday) : Two teams that are struggling a bit to bounce back and get some momentum.
  • RA vs V5 (Thursday): Teams that want to keep winning to keep momentum.
  • OMG vs BLG (Thursday): A red hot team versus the super team of the LPL
  • EDG vs OMG (Saturday): A test for EDG to face a strong team to prove their might.
  • V5 vs TES (Sunday): Teams that are in the same level facing off against each other.

These are some great games to watch as LPL Spring 2022 continues on from tomorrow.

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