LPL Power Rankings after Week 4 and Key Matches this Week

LPL wraps up week 4 with many significant and historical match-ups at the top half of the table which causes shifts in the Power Rankings.

LPL Week 4 was an anticipated week of games and it was fun to watch. There were key match-ups in the past week including many other significant matches. Hence, our updated Power Rankings reflects these results and extrapolate the strength of the teams going into Week 5. Without further ado, lets jump right in.

Power Rankings

RNG is the biggest winner this week while V5 is the biggest loser. There are some significant changes to the rankings due to that. This power rankings does not take today’s games into account. With that said, let’s look at the Power Rankings and analyze it.

3 1. Royal Never Give Up

The team in first place in the rankings this week is RNG. They handily beat WE, probably the hottest team before Week 4. This validates the performances RNG have been displaying since the Spring Split started. Now, it feels like RNG is a true contender for winning the Spring Split. The swap of xiaohu to the top lane has worked wonders. Adding to that, bringing in Cryin to the mid lane was a big boost. That combined with a great jungler in Wei and a great bot lane with Gala and Ming, this team has the potential to be one of the strongest teams in the LPL this year. The sky is the limit for this team and it is nice to see RNG back at the top after last year’s debacle.

1 2. EDward Gaming

EDG comes in second despite having the same record as RNG. However, given RNG beat WE, that puts them at first and EDG at second. Everything has worked splendidly for EDG so far. They play extremely well around Viper and let him be the main carry. Flandre has been what they have needed in the top lane and Jiejie has facilitated all of that.

EDG doesn’t play particularly well in the early game but they have closed out most of their games in the mid-to-late game. Their mid-to-late game rating is at the very top of the league. Week 5 will be a very important week for them with match-ups against V5 and Suning. If they win out, there is little argument to be made against EDG being a top team in the LPL this split.

3. FunPlus Phoenix

FPX has looked like one of the most, if not the most, well-rounded team in the LPL so far. Putting Nuguri into this team has improved them by a lot. Also, the loss of Tian has not affected them at all and Bo has fit in well with the team in the jungle. LWX and Doinb are still very consistent and this team is on the rise. FPX has some key matches this week as well. TES and LNG will not be pushovers, so FPX will have to be outstanding to get the wins. If FPX does achieve that, they will be a force to be reckoned with in the Spring Split and beyond.

4 4. Team WE

WE faced a terrible loss against RNG. RNG outplayed them in every facet of the game and beat them handily. This may be a call back to earth moment for WE. WE has been flying high since the start of the split but the loss against RNG puts a damper to their meteoric rise. However, this could also be good for them as they can take this loss as motivation to improve as a team. WE will be a team to watch this week to see whether they bounce back or drop off.

1 5. LNG Esports

LNG continues their strong start to the split, going 2-0 this past week. Tarzan and icon have clearly transformed the team. Additionally, Iwandy has been a strong point for them with his roaming and engages. The only question with LNG that remains unanswered is whether they are for real or not. Barring the IG win, they haven’t beaten any contending team. The BLG win was great but BLG’s status as a top 8 team in the league is also in question. This week will answer that question with LNG facing FPX. If they can give FPX a run for their money, LNG is definitely going to be a tough match-up for any team.

2 6. Top Esports

TES sweeps up JDG in a convincing fashion to win their only series this past week. This team is starting to come back to last year’s form. Their early game has been spectacular and should continue to be that. The issue with TES is their mid-to-late game falters without a lead. In previous games, they have faltered in that stage of the game if they do not have a lead. There is still room for improvement in the team and especially since a break is coming for them to get some work in. Before that, they have to be ready to face FPX and should aim to win. If they do, TES might finally be back to 2020 form and go higher than that as the year progresses for them.

7. Invictus Gaming

It’s really hard to analyze where iG belongs. In some games, they look unbeatable and cruise through. In other games, they just look lost and get beaten badly. That is the true definition of being a consistently inconsistent team as they have been in the past. In general, they would possibly be an above-average team at the moment. An argument could be made that they need the break more than any other team just to get some more practice and more time to shore up problems. Unfortunately, they will face RNG this week and if their coin-flip nature still persists, it will be a rough week for them.

2 8. Bilibili Gaming

BLG, like LNG, have been a mixed bag. They easily beat weaker teams than them but lose to stronger teams. Their new acquisitions have improved the team considerably from last year. Mark and Aiming have been a good bot lane duo. Zeka and Meteor have been their strongest points. Meteor has been the orchestra master for them and Zeka is just really good at mid lane in many matchups. Their biggest test will be today’s game vs RNG especially with Mark not playing.

4 9. Suning

Suning has not reclaimed their late 2019 form as of yet. There is still time for that to happen but it seems the changing of the coaching staff and loss of SwordArt has hampered their rising trajectory. Huanfeng is still playing brilliantly but other players on the team have not been as good. They face EDG this week and then they will get that break, which will be helpful for them to practice and improve.

1 10. JD Gaming

JDG finished off the week with a 1-1 record. Losing to TES badly shows this team has a long way to go to getting back to their form from 2019. Yagao seems to be their starting mid laner for now and Mystic will likely be joining during the break. The break will do wonders for them to figure out their starting five players and improve as much as they can and potentially make the playoffs. They will face WE this week and they will need to get all the wins they can get to carry some momentum into the break.

6 11. Victory Five

V5 had a terrible Week 4, going 0-2 in series wins. Losing badly to TT and RNG puts them in a bind. V5 will need to look themselves in the mirror and decide who their top laner is going to be. Aodi has been a mixed bag for them and they had a lot of success with Langx on the roster. Not only that, a few days ago they brought up invincible, a top laner, from the academy team. They need to figure out that situation fast or it might not be a detriment to them. It does not help that they will face EDG with Flandre in the top lane this week.

5 12. ThunderTalk Gaming

TT finally get a series win in Week 4. They beat V5 handily and it was the revenge of Samd game. This team is still very new and there are a lot of new pieces in the team. They are starting to rotate their roster and it seems to be working with xiaopeng in the jungle as they won a series. Whether they go up or down is something time will tell.

2 13. Rare Atom

Rare Atom goes 1-1 this week, beating RW and losing to JDG. It seems this team is starting to come together a bit and will try to make the playoffs. However, it will be a tall order for them since they play LNG and WE this week.

2 14. eStar

eStar end up 0-2 this week losing against LNG and FPX. They look like a team which is average and they tend to do away with weaker teams. However, against stronger teams, they fall off. They should be in playoff contention if they continue their trend of beat weaker teams and losing against stronger ones.

15-17. OMG, RW, LGD

Put them in any order from 15 to 17 will be fine for these teams. They lost all their games the past week and show no improvement. They are definitely the bottom of the barrel in the LPL and will possibly be the same as the regular season progresses.

Must Watch Matches This Week

This is the last week before the break for Chinese New Year. Hence, there are some good games coming up including three games on Saturday and Sunday. Here we go:

  • V5 vs JDG (Tuesday): V5 needs to be competitive in this series to have a bounce-back week and EDG will continue their win stream with a win
  • FPX vs LNG (Thursday): FPX could continue to ride high or LNG could prove that they are a top team in the LPL.
  • EDG vs Suning (Friday): A great match on Friday to watch.
  • FPX vs TES (Saturday): This will be a matchup for TES to move to the top or FPX remaining there.
  • iG vs RNG (Sunday): RNG’s ride to the top could continue or be halted by the inconsistent iG.

There are many other great games this week, so make sure to tune into LPL Spring Split Week 5 before they take two weeks off for Chinese New Year.

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