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Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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LPL Playoffs is almost at its end with FPX and RNG fighting for a spot at MSI tomorrow. Therefore, we preview this finals which is leading up to be a great one

LPL Playoffs have been a banger so far. The last two series in the playoffs have been a nail-biter with FPX and RNG securing a spot in the finals. Both teams are extremely talented and this is going to be a great final series. Let’s preview the series and who we think will win.

Series Preview

FPX has had a very good run in the LPL playoffs. They have beat every opponent they have faced in the knockout and double elimination stage to make it to the finals. Tian coming back to the team has given them a huge boost and consistency FPX needed in the jungle position. Finally it looks like FPX has turned their switch on and they are looking to winning it all.

On the other hand, RNG has had a terrific regular split but their playoffs performance has been inconsistent. They wobbled against FPX the first time and then beat EDG in a nail-biter which they deserved to win. It seems that the inexperience of Xiaohu as a top laner is catching up to them. Nevertheless, they will be looking to win it all to continue on their great split so far.

The first match-up between FPX and RNG was a one-sided affair. FPX thoroughly outplayed them while RNG was clearly not themselves. FPX did then beat EDG in a thriller. Also, RNG also beat EDG in a back-and-forth series. Now we land into the playoff rematch for these teams. RNG will need to improve on their flaws from their last match-up and play better against FPX.

FPX really likes to roam around with Tian, Crisp, and Doinb trying to make some plays all across the map. A big part of that is Nuguri in the top lane where they try to enable him to carry games. LWX meanwhile farms up for the teamfights that will ensue later on.

In contrast, RNG likes to use the lane to get as many advantages as possible to press their advantages and take the fights that favors them. However, a lot of their success hinges on Wei in the jungle. Wei influences a lot of their early game plays with him making his way top or going to the other lanes.

The jungle match-up is what will determine this series in our opinion. Both junglers are an integral part of their team and push the lead and advantages for both teams. If we go lane by lane, Nuguri has the advantage over Xiaohu in the top lane. Xiaohu will need to be more consistent to do well against Nuguri in the lane. In jungle, it is very even based on how both junglers are playing the playoffs. For mid lane, it is in Doinb’s favor as his overall impact on the game is much higher than what Cryin has. In bot lane, while both supports are excellent supports, as a duo, RNG’s Gala and Ming are better than Crisp and LWX.

Overall, it will be a very nip and tuck series in our eyes and we predict RNG will take it 3-2.

Wei should find his form back and RNG should be looking to taking revenge for their previous series loss. It will be a great finale tomorrow for a great split of the LPL. Hence, tune in to the LPL Finals tomorrow at 9 pm UTC for a great series.

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