LPL Demacia Cup 2021 Primer

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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The yearly preseason tournament of the LPL is upon as the Demacia Cup is set to start tomorrow.

The Demacia Cup is the tournament where LPL fans can watch new rosters play alongside some LDL teams. Although in most cases, the full rosters of the teams are not going to play, it is still some League of Legends action to look forward to. Let’s talk about the participating teams and the tournament further.

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The Demacia Cup

The tournament is set to start tomorrow with 20 teams spread across 4 groups. There will be 17 LPL teams, 3 LDL teams, and 4 public teams participating in the tournament. The three LDL teams are Team Pinnacle (TP), WZ Esports Club (WZ), and Shudaixiong Gaming (SDX). Also, the four public teams are WAHAHA Gaming (WHG), Huya Streamers (HYA), Bilibili Streamers (BLI), and EQX.

Alongside 13 other LPL teams, four groups were made with the 20 teams in the pool. EDG, RNG, FPX, and LNG get a bye until the knockout stage.

The top team of each group will advance to play their respective opponent as the format dictates. For now, we do not know a lot of the rosters for the teams that will be participating. Many players will be unavailable like TheShy and Rookie who are in Korea at the moment. Thus far, these are the rosters that are confirmed to participate in the Demacia Cup.

Confirmed Rosters:

  • Weibo Gaming (WBG): Decade, SoFM, Angel, Huanfeng, SwordArt/ON
  • Bilibili Gaming (BLG): Breathe, Weiwei, FoFo, Uzi/Doggo, Crisp
  • Shenzen Victory Five (V5): Invincible, Karsa/XLB, Dream, Photic, ppgod
  • Invictus Gaming (IG): neny, Xun, Yuekai/Xzz, Ahn/xiaoyueji, Lucas/Ke
  • FunPlus Phoenix (FPX): Xiaolaohu, Beichuan, Gori, jiang/LWX, Hang/Lele
  • JD Gaming (JDG): 369/unravel, Xiao17, Yagao, Lpc, Missing
  • Ultra Prime (UP): Aliez/zs, H4cker, Cryin, Elk, ShiauC
  • Thundertalk Gaming (TT): New/Chelizi, frigid/VV, Captain, Puff, Southwind/yaoyao
  • Oh My God: M1kuya/shanji, Aki, Steel, Able, COLD
  • Team WE: Biubiu, View, Shanks, Stay, Xing
  • LGD: fearness/Garvey, shad0w/Kui, YeG/Jay, Eric, Jinjiao/Chance
  • Always Legends (AL): Zdz, Xiaohao, Maple/Harder, Betty/ZWuji, Qiuqiu/Kaixuan

More confirmed rosters will flood in for the rest of the day as it passes. As mentioned earlier, there are several omissions such as TheShy but expect them to be there when the LPL kicks off.

For more info about the tournament, please go to this website.

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