LPL All-Star 2020 Weekend details and postponement

Shadman Sabik Zaim
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The LPL All-Star 2020 weekend set to occur on December 11-12 has been postponed due to the pandemic

LPL All-Star is an event that generally precedes the LoL All-Stars event. It is an event that started in 2019 to give the regional fans an experience like the LoL All-Stars event. With the LPL having a huge fanbase, it is a time for these fans to have fun and watch the players they voted to compete against each other. Here are the details of the event and what we know about the postponement so far.

LPL All-Star 2020 Format

LPL All-Star 2020 will have many different modes. There will be a All-Star Match, Rookie Match, Solo King Event and a Legend Rivalry match featuring OMG vs EDG teams of 2014.

Fans voted the All-Star and Rookie representatives which also counted for the LoL All-Star Event 2020. TheShy, Rookie and Gimgoon were voted into to participate. However, due to visa issues, neither will participate in the LPL All-Star 2020 event.

All-Star Match Participants and Format

The LPL All-Star Match will be a best of 3 series. The first two matches will be blind pick followed by the last match being draft pick. The captains for both teams were supposed to be TheShy and JackeyLove. Due to the TheShy not being able to participate, he has nominated Baolan to be the captain of the team.

LangX replaces TheShy since Gimgoon is unable to participate and 369 conflicts with the rule of more than 3 players of the same team in the match. Rookie is replaced by Knight. LWX takes his place in the All-Star lineup.

Rookie Match Participants and Format

The LPL Rookie Match will be a best of 1 and draft pick unlike the LPL All-Star Match. However, there is an uncertainty regarding the line with huanfeng withdrawing due to a cheating scandal involving his girlfriend. Who replaces huanfeng is yet to be announced.

Peanut (playing the LPL for the first time) was also voted into the match. However, similar to TheShy, Rookie and Gimgoon, he will also not be participating due to visa issues.

Solo King Challenge

Similar to the 1v1 tournament, the Solo King will be a 1v1 match between two of the eight participants. The winning condition is either getting two kills on the enemy or taking out the first enemy tower. However, the catch is that there will be a shrinking circle hence time is off the essence for them. Furthermore, unique champions must be selected in the course of the challenge.

The winner of the challenge will be invited to take part in the Solo King Challenge for the LPL region in LoL All-Stars 2020 event. If the winner is already in the competition, then the runner-up will be the participant. Lastly, if both the winner and the runner-up are already qualified then no other further substitutions will be made.

Legend Rivalry Match

Finally, it will be the Legend Rivalry Match that will take place for the event. It will be Team Dark vs Team Light in a Best of 2 series. In that series, the first match are fixed picks and the 2nd match is draft pick. The fixed picks and the participants are as shown below.

The Postponement

A few hours ago, an announcement was made that the event will be postponed. The new time and date will be announced later. It has been postponed due to the recent pandemic situation in the city of Chengdu. They will be refunding the tickets for the fans who bought them and will announce future details later. Given it was an on-stage event, the situation is regrettable. Also, it should not have any ramifications carried over to LoL All Star Event 2020.

In Conclusion

LPL All-Star Weekend was a staple of celebration for the LPL before the LoL All-Star Event. Despite Rookie not being able to attend the LPL All-Star Event, he will be able to attend the LoL All-Star Event. However, that may change given the postponement news and Rookie being back in China.

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