Lowest possible Ultimate cooldown for every champion in League of Legends

Here in this article, we will be showing the lowest possible Ultimate cooldown for every champion in League of Legends.

According to League of Legends wiki with Cosmic Insight, four Cloud Drake, and 5 stacks of the ultimate hunter the highest possible cooldown reduction that can be achieved is 80.75%.

And based on this cooldown reduction, Reddit user u/ZeSniper made a list showing the lowest possible Ultimate cooldown of all the 148 champions in League of Legends.

Aatrox15.4 s
Ahri15.4 s
Akali11.55 s
Alistar15.4 s
Amumu19.25 s
Anivia1.16 s
Annie15.4 s
Aphelios19.25 s
Ashe15.4 s
Aurelion Sol13.47 s
Azir17.33 s
Bard15.4 s
Blitzcrank5.77 s
Brand14.44 s
Braum19.25 s
Caitlyn11.55 s
Camille17.33 s
Cassiopeia15.4 s
Cho’Gath15.4 s
Corki1.93 sRecharges every 1.93 s and can shoot it every 0.39 s
Darius15.4 s
Diana15.4 s
Dr. Mundo17.33 s
Draven15.4 s
Ekko9.63 s
Elise0.77 s
Evelynn15.4 s
Ezreal23.1 s
Fiddlesticks15.4 s
Fiora13.47 s
Fizz13.47 s
Galio30.8 s
Gangplank26.95 s
Garen15.4 s
Gnar5.77 s
Gragas15.4 s
Graves11.55 s
Hecarim19.25 s
Heimerdinger13.47 s
Illaoi13.47 s
Irelia19.25 s
Ivern23.1 s
Janna23.1 s
Jarvan IV17.33 s
Jax15.4 s
Jayce1.16 s
Jhin17.33 s
Jinx11.55 s
Kai’Sa13.47 s
Kalista17.33 s
Karma6.93 s
Karthus30.8 s
Kassadin0.39 s
Katarina8.66 s
Kayle15.4 s
Kayn15.4 s
Kennen23.1 s
Kha’Zix13.47 s
Kindred23.1 s
Kled23.1 s
Kog’Maw0.19 s
LeBlanc5.77 s
Lee Sin11.55 s
Leona11.55 s
Lissandra15.4 s
Lucian17.33 s
Lulu15.4 s
Lux7.7 s
Malphite15.4 s
Malzahar15.4 s
Maokai15.4 s
Master Yi16.36 s
Miss Fortune19.25 s
Mordekaiser19.25 s
Morgana19.25 s
Nami19.25 s
Nasus23.1 s
Nautilus15.4 s
Neeko17.33 s
Nidalee0.58 s
Nocturne19.25 s
Nunu & Willump17.33 s
Olaf15.4 s
Orianna15.4 s
Ornn19.25 s
Pantheon28.88 s
Poppy19.25 s
Pyke15.4 s
Qiyana23.1 s
Quinn0.58 s
Rakan17.33 s
Rammus11.55 s
Rek’Sai15.4 s
Renekton23.1 s
Rengar13.47 s
Riven11.55 s
Rumble13.47 s
Ryze28.88 s
Sejuani15.4 s
Senna23.1 s
Sett15.4 s
Shaco15.4 s
Shen30.8 s
ShyvanaOriginally 0s as she needs to have Fury for her ultimate
Singed19.25 s
Sion11.55 s
Sivir15.4 s
Skarner15.4 s
Sona19.25 s
Soraka25.03 s
Swain23.1 s
Sylas11.55 s
Syndra15.4 s
Tahm Kench23.1 s
Taliyah23.1 s
Talon11.55 s
Taric23.1 s
Teemo3.85 sRecharges every 3.85 s and can put shroom every 0.05 s
Thresh19.25 s
Tristana19.25 s
Trundle15.4 s
Tryndamere17.33 s
Twisted Fate23.1 s
Twitch17.33 s
Udyr1.16 s
Urgot13.47 s
Varus13.47 s
Vayne13.47 s
Veigar15.4 s
Vel’Koz15.4 s
Vi15.4 s
Viktor15.4 s
Vladimir23.1 s
Volibear23.1 s
Warwick13.47 s
Wukong17.33 s
Xayah25.03 s
Xerath19.25 s
Xin Zhao19.25 s
Yasuo5.77 s
Yorick19.25 s
Yuumi17.33 s
Zac19.25 s
Zed11.55 s
Ziggs13.47 s
Zilean11.55 s
Zoe0.96 s
Zyra17.33 s
Formatted by u/Abujaffer

Based on the data Kog’Maw has the lowest possible ultimate cooldown of just 0.19s followed by Kassadin who has 0.39s ultimate cooldown. And Galio, Shen, and Karthus have the highest ultimate cooldown with 30.8s.

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