Lies of P (LOP): Stormsteel Templar Build

Abu Taher Tamim
By Abu Taher Tamim
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Stormsteel Templar Build in Lies of P is all about damage. If you want this build, you need strength like Hercules.

Lies of P is an action RPG developed by Neowiz where you take on the role of Pinocchio on a dark adventure. You’ll have a blast exploring the expansive world of Lies of P, which offers deep combat. Moreover, you can become a true Stormsteel Templar with the wisdom we have to offer. By using key synergies and equipment, you will become unstoppable.

You can wield the wrath of lightning with the Stormsteel Templar build. The guide explains how to fully harness the power of the storm through precise ability synergy. We’ll cover ideal gear like the legendary Holy Sword of the Ark and Fulminis Legion Arm. You must master time-charged attacks to unleash electric mayhem. Apply Electric Shock to enemies and unleash amplified damage.

Holy Sword of the Ark (Stormsteel Templar Build in Lies of P)

For maximum colossal strikes, you should follow our stats, amulets, and P-Organs advice. By specializing properly, you’ll wreak havoc on your opponents. Enemies will fall before you like charred ruins in a thunderstorm.

How to Get the Holy Sword of The Ark

The legendary Holy Sword of The Ark is essential to the Stormsteel Templars. If you want to add this colossal, great sword to your arsenal, follow these steps:

Progress through Area 3: First, play through Lies of P until you reach Area 3. Defeat its boss, King’s Flame Fuoco, to obtain the King’s Flame Ergo.

Progress through Area 3

Meet Alidoro in Area 4: In Area 4, you’ll encounter the vendor Alidoro. He exchanges King’s Flame Ergo for rare gear. Seek him out after unlocking this zone.

Meet Alidoro in Area 4

Trade the King’s Flame Ergo: Speak to Alidoro and select his Weapon Trade menu. Turn in the King’s Flame Ergo acquired from King’s Flame Fuoco in Area 3.

Trade the King's Flame Ergo

Claim the Holy Sword: In exchange for that King’s Flame Ergo, Alidoro will now sell the Holy Sword of the Ark. Purchase it to permanently add this legendary great sword to Pinocchio’s inventory.

Stormsteel Templar Build in Lies of P

I have mentioned a summary of the Stormsteel Templar Build below. If you want to know more about the build, keep reading.

Starting ClassPath of the Sweeper: Strength
WeaponsHoly Sword of the Ark + Electric Blitz Grindstone
Endgame StatsLevel 90 Path of the Sweeper: Strength
Vitality: 36
Vigor: 25
Capacity: 22
Motivity: 35
Technique: 5
Advance: 6
AmuletsFirst Amulet Slot (Choose Any)
Carcass Butcher’s Amulet
Murderer Puppet’s Amulet
Puppet Destroyer’s Amulet
Second Amulet Slot (Choose Any)
Patience Amulet
Dancing One’s Amulet
Third Amulet Slot (Choose Any)
Carrier’s Amulet
Forth Amulet Slot (Choose Any)
Extreme Modification Amulet
P-Organ UpgradesIncrease Pulse Cells
Link Dodge
Add Amulet Slots
Enhance Pulse Cell Recovery
Increase Staggerable Window 1
Add Fable Slots
Increase Special Grindstone Uses
Perfect Guard Cause Stiffness
P-Organ AbilitiesAttack Type
Potential Synergy Effects
Enhance Charge Stagger ATK
Enhance Fatal ATK
Enhance Ambus Stagger ATK
Survival Type
Potential Synergy Effects
Enhance Guard Regain Recovery
Lowers Damage to Charge Attack / Fable Arts
Perfect Guard Regain Recovery
Ability Type
Potential Synergy Effects
Lower Charge Attack Stamina Consumption
Reduce Stamina Consumption from Dash
Fatal Attack Fable Charger
Special Grindstone Weapon Durability Recovery
Auto Charge Legion
Perfect Guard Fable Charge Enhance
Item Type
Potential Synergy Effects
Legion Magazine Effect Enhance
Special Grindstone Increase Effect Duration
Charge Fable upon Pulse Cell Use
Legion ArmFulminis
Puppet PartsThe highest-weight puppet parts you find

Starting Class

The Path of the Sweeper: Strength is the ideal starting class, as it maximizes the Motivity scaling of the Holy Sword of the Ark. This focusing on pure strength will allow you to get the most damage output from the Ark’s colossal strikes.

However, Technique-focused classes like Path of the Bastard can work as well with the addition of a Motivity Crank on the weapon handle later on to improve its scaling. Regardless of your starting class, make sure to heavily invest in Vitality first for survival, followed by Motivity for damage, Vigor for multiple charged attacks, and Capacity to wield the heavy sword and armor.

Early Game Weapons

Before you can acquire the Holy Sword in Area 4, your best bet is to use the Booster Glaive, found in Area 3. This weapon replicates the move set and reach of the Ark quite well.

Pair it with the Electric Coil Stick handle, purchased in Area 2, to add some extra electric shock damage to your attacks, preparing you for the Ark’s lightning-infused strikes.

Together these can carry you through the early areas until the Holy Sword becomes obtainable. They are readily available and offer a similar enough play style.

Stats and Progression

This build relies entirely on Motivity for its offensive damage, improving the Ark’s powerful scaling in that stat. Invest the first 10 levels into Vitality for the extra health and damage absorption to survive mistakes. Follow that up with at least 20 points into Motivity for increased weapon damage as you begin acquiring the Holy Sword and enhancing it.

A few points into Vigor, around 15-20, will grant the stamina to repeatedly use charged heavy attacks and Fatal Blows. As you obtain heavier Puppet Parts and the weighty Holy Sword itself, pour points into Capacity as needed to keep your equip load under 80% for fast dodge rolls.

Avoid Advance, and only put minimal points into Technique, focusing solely on Motivity for damage.


Your most vital amulet will be the Extreme Modification Amulet, which boosts damage based on the number of charged Fable Slots you have. Since the Holy Sword only needs 1 slot for Alter, you’ll often have excess charges, making this amulet incredibly effective.

The Carcass Butcher’s Amulet, Murderer Puppet’s Amulet, and Puppet Destroyer’s Amulet directly enhances Motivity powered attacks. You can choose any one of them. For equip load, the Carrier’s Amulet allows you to wear full sets of heavy armor. An alternate choice is the unique Dancing One’s Amulet, which enables dodging and evasion without any stamina cost. This lets you fully commit to damaging charged heavy strikes without sacrificing mobility.


For general survival, prioritize the P-Organs such as Increased Pulse Cells, Link Dodge, and Add Amulet Slots early on. Excellent combat upgrades include Enhanced Charge Stagger to boost your stagger damage on charged Holy Sword attacks.

Legion Arm

The Fulminis Legion Arm is vital for applying Electric Shock to enemies. Charge it fully between enemy attack openings for massive damage and Electric Blitz build up. Electric Shock will greatly amplify your Holy Sword strikes. Time it properly, but don’t show any mercy.


The Electric Blitz Grindstone adds electric damage to the Holy Sword’s attacks, supplementing the Fulminis Arm.

Alternatively, the Destruction Grindstone boosts your stagger damage, letting you land Fatal Blows more rapidly. Both imbue excellent damage types, so choose based on preference.


Equip the heaviest duty Puppet Parts you can find to maximize defense, Poise, and damage absorption. However, their weight will slow your rolls, so utilize the Carrier’s Amulet and invest in Capacity. This allows you to stay under 80% equip load even in full heavy sets for speedy dodges.

Tips for Stormsteel Templar Build

  • Save Alter for bosses, as the elongated Holy Sword length can be detrimental in tight spaces.
  • Use Throwing Cells to safely build Electric Blitz against aggressive enemies. But conserve this rare item.
  • If you have 5 Fable slots, cancel Alter before executing a powered up Patient Smash for immense damage.
  • Time Patient Smash properly after Fatal Blows to take advantage of Alter’s empowered attacks.

That’s all for Stormsteel Templar Build in Lies of P. You can also look at the Sawblade Slicer Build in the game.

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