How to play LoL Worlds 2021 Pick’em: Missions, Rewards, and More

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By Ali Ahmed Akib
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One of the most anticipated League of Legends events of the year, Worlds 2021 Pick’em, is here with new missions and rewards.

The Play-in stage matches for the 2021 League of Legends Worlds Championship start October 5th, however, for this year’s edition Riot has introduced a new and improved Pick’em. Though it already received some backlashes from the League of Legends community.

Just like the previous years, once the “Picks” unlock for each stage on the Pick’em Page, League players will be able to “drag and drop” their predictions. And for Pick’em 2021, Riot has added the new Crystal Ball and The Coin feature.

League players will be awarded points for each correct pick, and the more points you have the better rewards Riot will provide. Here’s how you can play League of Legends Worlds 2021 Pick’em.

How Play Worlds 2021 Pick’em

In order to play, Worlds 2021 Pick’em:

  1. Go to the Pick’em page
  2. Sign in with your Riot Account
  3. Submit your predictions in the “Picks” page

This year’s Pick’em is also divided into multiple parts: Crystal Ball, Group Stage, and Knockout Stage. Moreover, it also has a new feature called The Coin.

Crystal Ball

The Crystal Ball gives you the ultimate opportunity to predict the Finals winner before Worlds starts. And if you predict it correctly, you will be granted 20 extra points at the end of Worlds and a nice pad to your leaderboard standing.

Crystal Ball picks will be available for 10 days leading up to the start of Worlds Play-Ins. Crystal Ball predictions have started at 11 p.m. PST on September 25 and it is going to end at 11 p.m. PST on October 4.

Group Stage

For the Group Stage, you will be predicting which team will be in which position on a specific group. The choices will be totally up to you.

However, due to the condensed Worlds schedule this year, group rankings will only be open for 24 hours until they lock. Meaning you will have to settle on your final rankings between 11 p.m. PST October 9 and 11 p.m. PST October 10.

Knockout stage

Once the Group Stage has finished, you’ll be able to pick the winners for matches at each step of the way throughout the Knockout Stage.

  • Quarterfinals: 11 p.m. PST October 19 until 11 p.m. PST October 21.
  • Semifinals: 11 p.m. PST October 26 until 11 p.m. PST October. 29.
  • Worlds Finals: 11 p.m. PST November 1 until 11 p.m. PST November 5.

The Coin

The Coin is the newest feature for Worlds 2021 and it is for the people who are a bit busy. If you somehow forget to lock in a stage, The Coin will do it for you. It will make random selections for players who miss a Pick Stage so they can always join late.


  • Crystal Ball points: Predicting the winner of Worlds before the tournament starts nets you 20 points to pad your stats!
  • Group stage points: You’ll earn 2 points a piece for correctly predicting which teams qualify for the Knockout Stage, as well as an additional 3 points each for placing them in the right order. Each correct pick for 3rd and 4th place gets you 2 points. Call the whole group in the right order? Congratulations, you get an extra 2 points and achieve the maximum score per group — 16 points.
  • Knockout stage points: Each correct pick during the Quarterfinals rewards you with 5 points. Correct picks during the Semifinals earn 10 points each. And successfully picking the Worlds Finals matchup nets you a whopping 20 points!
  • The Coin penalty: The Coin will help you… at a cost. If you’re lucky enough to have The Coin make a successful pick on your behalf, you will earn slightly fewer points than if you had made the correct pick yourself.
Missions and Rewards
Image: Riot Games

Missions and Rewards

2021 Worlds Pick’em will feature rewards from in-game missions:

Crystal Ball Pick’em (September 25 – October 4)

  • Lock in your Crystal Ball Pick
    • Reward: 300 BE

Group Stage Pick’em (October 9-10)

  • Lock in your Groups Picks
    • Reward: 500 BE

Knockout Stage Pick’em (October 19 – November 5)

  • Lock in your Picks for any phase of the Knockout Stage
    • Reward: 1000 BE + Hextech Chest & Key

Pick’em Pro (November 7)

  • C-Tier: Earn at least 18 points playing Pick’em
    • Reward: Esports Capsule
  • B-Tier: Earn at least 34 points playing Pick’em
    • Reward: Esports Capsule + Summoner Icon
  • A-Tier: Earn at least 50 points playing Pick’em
    • Reward: 3 Esports Capsules + Summoner Icon + 100 BE
  • S-Tier: Earn at least 66 points playing Pick’em
    • Reward: 3 Esports Capsules + Summoner Icon + Worlds Rewards Capsule

Worlds 2021 Pick’em Perfect Picks

If you accomplish Perfect Picks meaning that you were correct in every single pick for both Group Stage and Knockout Stage, and won the maximum amount of 124 points, you will be earning a cache containing all 6 Ultimate Skins:

  • Pulsefire Ezreal
  • Spirit Guard Udyr
  • DJ Sona
  • Elementalist Lux
  • Gun Goddess Miss Fortune
  • K/DA ALL OUT Seraphine

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