LoL Dragonmancer Rakan Skin: Prestige Edition, Splash Art, Price, & Release Date

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

Riot has unveiled the newest skin with a prestige variant, Dragonmancer Rakan.

Initially released in 2020, Dragonmancer is a comparatively newer skin line in League of Legends. In this alternative universe, various champions gain unique powers and abilities from mythical beasts. These beasts are either dragons or phoenixes. Therefore, this alternative universe, Four Beasts, features two skin lines, Dragonmancers and Phoenixmancers.

Dragonmancer skin line started some of the best skins in the game, including Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol and Storm Dragon Lee Sin. Because of Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol’s history with the game, it is one of the best skins in the game. And for Lee Sin, Storm Dragon Lee Sin is the best skin he has to offer in terms of everything.

In 2021, Riot brought back the Dragonmancer skins with the release of skins like Steel Dragon Thresh, Lagoon Dragon Kai’Sa, Truth Dragon Yasuo, etc. They also introduced Phoenixmancer the same year.

With that said, Riot is bringing back the Dragonmancer skins in 2024. Among them, Dragonmancer Rakan will receive a prestige edition.

Rakan is an obvious choice for a Dragonmancer for one key reason, and that is that Xayah already has a Phoenixmancer skin. Brave Phoenix Xayah. A Xayah skin without Rakan feels wrong. So, giving him a Dragonmancer skin is a good decision. Additionally, just as Brave Phoenix Xayah got a prestige edition, Rakan will also get a prestige skin.

In terms of visuals, the Dragonmancer skin looks very similar to his last epic skin, Broken Covenant. Just the texture and the animation look different. The recall animation summons a dragon, which looks amazing. Overall, it’s a great-looking Rakan skin, even though you don’t have to pair it with another Xayah skin.

One thing to note is that Dragonmancer Rakan is currently a Pre-released PBE skin, so everything is subject to change.

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Dragonmancer Rakan

Splash Art

Base Version

dragonmancer rakan
Image Credits: Riot Games

Prestige Edition

prestige dragonmancer rakan
Image Credits: Riot Games

Dragonmancer Rakan Price

Base Version

The base version of the Dragonmancer Rakan will cost 1350RP.

Prestige Edition

Like the prior prestige skins, the Prestige Dragonmancer skin will also cost 2000 Event Tokens.

Release Date

The Dragonmancer skins will be released on patch 14.1, scheduled for January 9, 2024.

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