LoL Broken Covenant Event Controversy Continues as Players Find China-Only Event

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Riot faces yet another controversy regarding the Broken Covenant event.

The Broken Covenant skin line was probably one of the most anticipated skin lines of the year. It had a great medieval gothic church-inspired theme, some great skins for champions like Cho’Gath, Nocturne and a beautiful-looking prestige skin for Miss fortune.

Overall, It had the inner workings of a great event, and players were pumped for it. But everything fell apart when Riot announced that Broken Covenant would not have an associated event coming with it.

Each time Riot introduces a new skin line in League of Legends, they also launch a showcase event along with it. These showcase events come with new Missions, a Battle Pass and tons of free rewards for players.

However, we did not get any associated events with the highly anticipated Broken Covenant skins. Not only did we not get an event, but we also didn’t even get the free missions that come with most skin lines. The fans did not take this well, leading to much backlash. Though, Riot somewhat calmed the situation down by clarifying the situation and promising more rewards in the next event.

But it seems all for naught as Riot faces yet another controversy regarding the Broken Covenant event. The controversy started with players figuring out that only the global servers did not get a Broken Covenant event, while the Chinese servers had a full-fledged event.

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China Exclusive Event

Now, regarding the China Exclusive Event, not only did they get the event they also got some additional stuff too. The Chinese version of the event came with four types of mission passes, a version for free players and three paid versions with different rewards.

They also got themselves exclusive loot as well. Some of these loot drops can be free and contain various rewards, such as Random Mythic skins (Including Prestige Skins) and Chromas (LPP Green Chroma Included). And to add salt to the wound, the Chinese servers have an exclusive Splash art for Broken Covenant Miss Fortune.

Prestige Broken Covenant Miss Fortune – Chinese Version

After learning about all this information, many players are outraged at Riot and rightfully so. It’s not fair that only the players in the Global server get neglected while the servers run, but Tencent gets better rewards and experiences. Hopefully, Riot addresses this controversy yet again and doesn’t deprive the global players of such events.

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