LoL Bewitching 2022 Skins Leaked

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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The Bewitching skins might make a return this year.

Halloween is right around the corner, and with it comes the Harrowing event. Harrowing is essentially the League of Legends equivalent of Halloween. To celebrate Harrowing, each year, Riot Games releases Harrowing skins. These skins are also called the Trick-or-Treat skins. And with October just a few days away, we expect this year’s new Harrowing skins to reveal soon.

There have been some rumors and leaks regarding this year’s Harrowing skins, and leaks suggest that the Bewitching skins will be returning this year. The Bewitching skin line consists of only female champions dressed up as witches ready to partake in the Harrowing. Last year we received Bewitching Fiora, Nami, Poppy, Syndra, and Yuumi skins. And this year, we will also be receiving five more Bewitching skins.

Riot also released a new skin line called the Fright Night skins recently. These are skins inspired by Halloween Slasher films like Scream, A Nightmare on Elm Street, etc. Although these skins are Halloween-themed, according to Riot, these skins will not be part of the Harrowing skin line.

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Bewitching 2022 Skins

Information about the new Bewitching skins has been data mined from the PBE (Public Beta Environment) servers by Julex Gameplays.

And according to Julex Gameplays, we should be getting the new Bewitching skins in the second part of the Worlds 2022 event.

The leaks also revealed that we would be getting Five Bewitching skins this year, and the Bewitching skins are as follows.

  • Bewitching Anivia
  • Bewitching Senna
  • Bewitching Cassiopeia
  • Bewitching LeBlanc
  • Bewitching Neeko

We currently do not have much information about the new Bewitching skins. But, the Bewitching 2022 skins should be quite similar to the previous skins. The skins should have a purple attire with a sprinkle of gold embroidery.

We will also get the announcement for the new champion K’Sante, along with the skin.

Release date

The new Bewitching 2022 Skins will come to liver servers in patch 12.20 on Thursday, Oct 20, 2022.

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