League of Legends Upcoming Tank Top Lane Champions K’Sante – Everything We Know So Far

Riot has revealed a new top laner named K’Sante coming out later this year. Here’s everything we know so far.

In League of Legends, there are many sub-classes; none are as neglected as tanks. The last time Riot Games released a proper tank was back in 2020 with the release of Rell. And she isn’t even a tank top laner. Ornn was the last tank top laner that Riot released, which was also released in 2020.

Moreover, Gwen is the last top laner added in League of Legends. But she was a top lane skirmisher, not a tank. She differs greatly from the top lane archetype.

Not only that, but the durability update also hurt most, if not all, the tank top laners in the game. Now they cannot do enough damage against a lot of skirmishers. After noticing how underpowered tank top laners are in the current meta, Riot Games has decided to add a new one.

Riot recently revealed their roadmap for the upcoming preseason 2023, revealing a ton of new information regarding upcoming new champions. One of them is K’Sante, a tank top laner.

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K’Sante, the Pride of Nazumah

K’Sante will be a Shuriman champion, similar to Azir and Taliyah.

He will be hailing from the part of Shurima that has never been seen before called Nazumah. It is described as an oasis city on the outskirts of the Shuriman desert. Moreover, it’s one of the few locations that does not bow to the rule of Azir.

Nazumah is situated on one of the only water sources in Shurima. Because of it, they had to compete with giant monsters just to stay hydrated. They eventually claimed the oasis as their own and even built an entire society around it.

Now around 500 years later, after the society was built, K’Sante leads the warriors of Nazumah to hunt those same monsters with the rare resources they gained to build their infrastructure.

K’Sante Abilities

K’Sante’s lore reveals or at least hints at what his abilities might be. From his lore, K’Sante uses an exciting weapon. It was created from the hide of the deadliest creatures of the Shuriman desert, called Ntofos. It is a huge blunt weapon, similar to a bat or a hammer.

It is a unique weapon since they are initially very defensive until they break. When they break, it reveals a really sharp blade that can tear through anything in its path.

Many players are speculating that with this new weapon addition, we might see a duality of both offense and defense at the same time, making K’Sante more or less a dual class, being both a tank and a skirmisher.

K’Sante Release Date

According to Riot Reav3, K’Sante will release in the early preseason 2023, before the Aurelion Sol CGU.

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