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Have you noticed a glowing orange crystal in New York City? Don’t worry, you are not the only one who have seen it. Here, I have listed all Marko’s Memories locations in Spider-Man 2.

Swinging through the expansive open world of Spider-Man 2 offers no shortage of adventures, but for completionists, tracking down every last collectible is a top priority. Marko’s Memories stand out as a set of crystallized insights into the turmoil faced by the sympathetic villain Sandman.

You need to locate all 14 of these glowing shards, which will test your exploration skills while also deepening the narrative around this complex character. In this guide, we’ll provide a detailed map for tracking down Marko’s memories across the boroughs of New York City.

I have included some shots to pinpoint the exact placement of each crystal, while concise descriptions summarize how to access them. For those aiming to follow the Remember side quest through to its satisfying conclusion, this comprehensive collection of locations will lead the way.

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Marko’s Memories Locations in Spider-Man 2

Central Park

Marko Memory 1 – Being Followed

Central Park - Marko Memory 1

This first memory can be found in the southern region of Central Park, near a pond on the west side. When you locate the crystal, prepare to fight off Sandman’s minions before you can access the memory.


Marko Memory 1 – No One Believes Me

Midtown - Marko Memory 2

In the southeast corner of Midtown, climb up on the roof of a building enveloped in sand. Defeat the enemies here, then collect the memory.

Marko Memory 2 – Looking for Answers

Midtown - Marko Memory 1

Check the alleyways in Midtown’s southwest corner, hidden between buildings. Take out the sand creatures guarding the crystal in order to secure the memory.


Marko Memory 1 – A Trap

Greenwich - Marko Memory 1

Head to the parks in western Greenwich to uncover this memory near basketball courts lined with apartment blocks. Get past the sand guards to break open the crystal.

Financial District

Marko Memory 1 – She’s Gone

Financial District - Marko Memory 1

You’ll get this first memory as part of the story mission “One Thing at a Time.” It’s unmissable progress.

Marko Memory 2 – Face to Face

Financial District - Marko Memory 4

On the north side, along the Greenwich border, look in a cluster of buildings at street level. Beat the sand enemies to access the memory.

Marko Memory 3 – The Beast Inside

Financial District - Marko Memory 3

Up on the roof of a southeast high-rise, defeat the sand guards protecting the crystal before grabbing this memory.

Marko Memory 4 – A Familiar Feeling

Financial District - Marko Memory 2

At Manhattan’s southern tip, locate this memory in the park areas near waterfronts. Dispatch the sand clones to break open the crystal.


Marko Memory 1 – Uninvited Guests

Chinatown - Marko Memory 2

Check Chinatown’s central rooftops for this memory. Clear out sand clones and then collect it.

Marko Memory 2 – Fade to Black

Chinatown - Marko Memory 1

Down an alley in the southwest corner, hidden between red structures, sits this Chinatown memory. Defeat the sand guards to secure it.

Little Odessa

Marko Memory 1 – Imprisoned

Little Odessa - Marko Memory 1

Travel to the northwest corner, on top of a factory roof, to uncover this memory after beating its sand protectors.


Marko Memory 1 – Broken Promise

Williamsburg - Marko Memory 1

North of the bridge, a factory roof in eastern Williamsburg hides this memory. Take down the sand enemies before collecting it.

Downtown Brooklyn

Marko Memory 1 – Prying Eyes

Downtown Brooklyn - Marko Memory 1

Locate this memory between apartment blocks in central Downtown Brooklyn. Get through sand clones and thugs to acquire it.

Marko Memory 2 – Remember

Downtown Brooklyn - Marko Memory 2

After finding the other 13 memories, a final crystal will appear in Downtown Brooklyn’s southwest area.

How to Complete the Remember Side Quest

The Remember side quest becomes available after finding all the hidden Marko’s memories scattered across New York City. Completing it provides closure to Sandman’s story arc and unlocks the Grains of Sand trophy. Follow these steps to finish “Remember”:

Collect all 13 Marko’s Memories

Firstly, use the guide above to locate each of the crystallized memories in the various districts of the city. You have to interact with a memory to spawn enemies, defeat them, then shatter the crystal to collect it.

Head to the final memory location

Secondly, after grabbing the 13th memory, a new location will appear in downtown Brooklyn. You need to travel to the coordinates in the southwest area.

Interact with the crystal

Thirdly, approach the distinctive crystal chunk and press the prompt to interact when close enough. This will teleport you to a sandy alternate realm.

Follow the sandy beam of light

A trail of light will appear, winding through the sandy world. You must use your swing ability to follow it until you reach a giant crystal.

Throw objects at the giant crystal

You have to pick up rocks scattered around the area and throw them at the large crystal while defending against incoming Sandman enemies.

Defeat all enemies

Once the giant crystal is destroyed by the thrown rocks, all remaining enemies will be defeated.

Follow the sandy beam of light and Defeat all enemies

Collect the final memory

With the enemies gone, move up to the remnants of the large crystal to collect the last Marko memory.

Return to the normal world

After obtaining the memory, you will automatically return outside the alternate realm back to Downtown Brooklyn.

Keemia's house Location

Travel to Keemia’s house in Astoria

A new marker will appear, directing you to a residential house in Astoria. You need to follow it by swinging, fast-traveling, or driving.

Deliver the statue

At the specified house, interact with the door to complete a cutscene where the Marko memories are handed over.

Travel to Keemia's house in Astoria and Deliver the statue

Finally, Receive rewards

Finally, finishing the cutscene completes the Remember quest, providing XP, tokens, and the Grains of Sand trophy. Sandman’s story arc also reaches a sense of resolution.

You’ll find all Marko’s Memories locations in Spider-Man 2 if you follow this guide. Also, you can finish a side quest, “Remember” along the way.

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