LEC Spring 2022 Week 2 Power Rankings

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In this article, we will talk about our LEC Spring 2022 Power Rankings going into Week 2.

LEC Spring 2022 started off with a Super Week, and it was a great weekend to enjoy the start of the LEC. Teams are still trying to find their way in the split while other teams are flourishing even with a new roster. With that said, let’s talk about our power rankings going into this weekend of LEC.

Week 2 Power Rankings

It’s still early in the split but there are some interesting developments thus far. Vitality going 0-3 was quite the surprise while other results fell into place. Other than the Vitality struggles, not a lot of surprising things have happened. Thus, here is our power rankings for LEC Spring 2022 after week 1.

As the graphic depicts, that is our rankings going into week 2. Now, let’s move on to talk about why our list is such.

1. Fnatic

Fnatic was one of the top contenders of the LEC before the split started if not the favorite to win it. Thus far, they are playing as such, but it’s not without their flaws. The team as a whole, despite being very talented individually, will need some time to gel together as a team. Razork’s addition brings an aggressiveness they have always had as a Fnatic squad.

However, with Wunder and Humanoid in the roster, the aggression has somewhat been tempered, which is a good thing going forward. It’s about acclimating as a team and working towards finding the style that fits them best. Thus far, they have beaten three teams not really at their best, particularly Vitality.

As mentioned earlier, teams are still trying to find their way, so it’s pretty great for Fnatic to pick up wins while they get better over time. For now, they are the best team in the LEC.

2. MAD Lions

In most people’s eyes, MAD Lions did take a step back with Humanoid and Carzzy leaving, putting the whole dynamic of MAD seen last year in limbo. While they did fill up their roster with rookies, they were still one of the playoff teams in people’s minds. Boy have they come out swinging when it was not really expected from them.

It was hard to rank MAD around the top given the likes of Fnatic and Vitality coming in with their super teams and G2 being a stronger team. MAD has quelled those doubts in one week by completely thrashing Vitality and G2 in the games in Week 1. If not for that one misplay late in the game by Elyoya, MAD would be 3-0.

It seems Elyoya has taken the mantle of the leader of this team while Kaiser and Armut are doing what they have done with the team in the last year. What’s more surprising is the rookies, particularly UNF0RGIVEN. He has shown something that previous MAD iterations have lacked at times, a carry threat through the bot side.

Reeker has played the role he has given well but UNF0RGIVEN has really stepped up for the team. MAD struck the lottery with rookie talent once again and anyone doubting them has been silenced for now. It’s a promising look for this team going into Week 2 and onwards as they have integrated new talent and still kept their strength from last year in teamfights.

3. Rogue

Rogue at 3rd would be a bit surprising given their roster for this split. However, it is not that surprising when you look at their schedule last week. They had to play Misfits, SK, and Astralis, who are both either in the process of integrating new players, or just not very good. Regardless of that, they performed really well on the given week and credit where it is due.

Malrang has looked solid coming in and Comp has really shown he can carry games for this team. Their schedule is going to get stronger soon as they start facing those potential playoff teams and teams in the later stretch when they have figured things out. The game against MAD tomorrow will be a good test.

4. G2 Esports

G2 did end up 2-1 but losing the way they lost to MAD kind of does hurt. Regardless, they look like a solid team with upside going forward. Their drafts have been wonky at times (Corki Top is weird) but they have managed to grab results. The game against XL was pretty shaky at times as well.

With new players and coaching staff, it’s going to take a bit of time for G2 to get running. That being said, there is a good bit of optimism going forward and there is no need for concern for this team. It’s a good start, and we should be seeing a better G2 in the coming weeks.

5. Misfits Gaming

MSF went 2-1 in the week, and it’s a solid start for this team with 3 new players. HiRit is not having the best of splits thus far but Vetheo has stepped up. It’s a young MSF roster with Shlatan finding his footing in the LEC. The series against XL will be a good test for them as they improve as a team.

6. Excel Esports

XL is showing some signs of life at the start with a solid showing. However, they did lose to BDS which is a blemish for the week. XL is filled with issues of inconsistencies and decision-making. In terms of positives, Nukeduck is having a good split thus far and the game against Vitality is proof that they can be a very good team. Week 2 will be a good time to see how XL stacks up in the playoff race.

7. SK Gaming

SK went 1-2 this week in a very tough schedule as they faced MAD, RGE, and FNC. Despite winning the series against MAD, that game felt like MAD threw the game at the end instead of SK winning it. Gilius and Sertuss are still getting adjusted with the team. The next week is going to be the continuation of a hard schedule as they play G2 and XL next week.

8. Team BDS

BDS has started off 1-2 this week by beating XL but losing to FNC and MSF. They are showing some good progress as a team. Cinkrof is being very proactive as a jungler while the bot lane is holding their own thus far. However, xMatty tends to be too aggressive at times and NUCLEARINT and Adam are on and off at times. It’s growing pains for the team, but they will be a competitive team going forward.

9. Team Vitality

The start of Vitality’s season is a disaster at the moment. However, they are not doomed just yet. Starting with a relatively hard schedule, Vitality losing games is not a problem. However, how they lost their games is a bit of a concern. MAD and XL pretty much dominated them while FNC outmaneuvered them from the mid game and onwards.

There is a lot to point to with this team regarding issues but that is to be expected with a brand new roster. They have to figure out how to play together and find a style that fits their team. So far, their drafts have not been good while they are not individually performing in most games. Perkz in particular has to step up more for this team to succeed.

Over time this team should get better but if they do not win games this week, we might as well start ringing the alarms.

10. Astralis

Astralis has looked worse than we expected to be frank. They look like an orchestra without a conductor as everyone is going at their own pace. It looks fairly bad for them so far. To top that off, next week they face FNC and MAD. It’s a rough start for Astralis, and it’s not a great place to be in at the moment. They should definitely put their heads together and figure out a style of play in order to be competitive for a playoff spot.

In Conclusion

With all that said about the rankings and such, it was nice to have the LEC kick off again. There are still a lot of question marks with many teams and that is to be expected. We will be seeing a higher level from the LEC in weeks to come as teams find their identity. It’s going to be an interesting split for the LEC as usual.

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