LEC Spring 2022 Playoffs Preview: Fnatic vs G2 Esports

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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We preview the second LEC Spring 2022 Playoffs series of the week as Fnatic faces G2 Esports.

G2 vs Fnatic is a rivalry we have seen in years past and now we get to see the both of them play with reconfigured rosters. While Fnatic is the superior team in terms of talent, this series is still set up to be a solid watch. Let’s talk about this series in greater detail and extrapolate some win conditions for both sides.

The Series

This rivalry of the past is gearing up to be a fun series as they have some of the top players in the LEC. However, Fnatic has looked far better than G2 at times and it’s about what team shows up on a given day. Let’s talk about Fnatic first and move on to G2 Esports.


As a team, Fnatic is the best possible collection of talent that fits together. They have players that synergize together and have created some form of chemistry. Although this is not the best version of this team, we can see what they can be going forward. The three weeks of break may help them progress as a team. Let’s talk about their win conditions against G2.

Win Conditions

  1. Limiting Jankos’ influence
  2. Bot Lane Dominance
  3. Solo Lanes Holding Their Own

The first one is easier said than done, to be honest. Jankos has been one of the best performing players in the LEC and it will be hard to stop him. However, limiting what he can do will go a long way. If Razork and the rest of Fnatic are able to limit what Jankos can do, things can go a long way for them.

Upset and Hylissang are the heartbeat of this team, particularly Hylissang as he can create something out of nothing. Getting this lane ahead will go a long way to winning the entire playoffs tournament.

Lastly, Humanoid has played like one of the best players in the LEC, and Humanoid against Caps will be a tightly contested lane. On the other hand, Wunder vs Broken Blade is more intriguing. Broken Blade has played a lot of carries in the top side and Wunder will have to match it if Fnatic wants to win this series.

G2 Esports

This rendition of G2 Esports is very similar to 2018 G2 Esports when they relied on their top side of the map a lot. Similarly, the team revolves a lot around Jankos, Caps, and Broken Blade, particularly Jankos. While their bot lane is very stable, not a lot is expected of them as they are both rookies. They have a lot of potential for the future and the series against Fnatic will be a good test going forward.

Win Condition

  1. Top Lane Wins Lane
  2. Bot Lane Stays Stable and Consistent
  3. Jankos Controlling The Jungle

G2’s biggest win condition is to snowball bot lane. As Broken Blade has only played carries, this will be a lane G2 will put a lot of resources into during the game and in drafts. The team will need to use this to their advantage and make sure it does not get too predictable for Fnatic to play around.

The bot lane is the big question mark for G2 going up against the best bot lane in the West in all honesty. Upset and Hylissangs terrorize every bot lane in the LEC thus far. Hence, Flakked and Targamas will need to be at their best to play against them.

Lastly, Jankos is the heartbeat of G2 with his leadership and in-game prowess. This man is easily one of the best players EU has ever produced and he is still so good at it. It’s a joy to watch him perform as he tries to win more trophies.

Overall Thoughts And Predictions

Fnatic vs G2 Esports will be a very fun series to watch given the history of the rivalry. Although one team seems stronger on paper, anything can happen on the rift. Fnatic is the stronger of the two in performance as well so the series is definitely in Fnatic’s favor.

However, if history has shown us anything, it’s that G2 always finds ways to win so it will be a great series going into tomorrow.

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