Leaks Suggest Modern Warfare 2 Beta Will Not Feature Slide-Canceling

Recent MW2 leaks suggest that slide-canceling is not present in the open beta. However, Infinity Ward might bring it back, depending on community feedback.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) revolutionized CoD with its revamped movement and gameplay mechanics. One of the most controversial mechanics that came out of the game is the slide-canceling. Slide-cancelling divided the community in half, with most players leaning towards the gameplay mechanic.

Many leakers have allegedly revealed that MW2 will include dolphin diving from the previous titles. However, they had confirmed that slide-canceling would be present in the game. Surprisingly, content creator Metaphor recently came out with contradictory leaks that suggest slide-canceling will not be present in the open beta.

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Slide-Canceling is out of Modern Warfare 2

Slide-canceling has been a matter of debate for the entire life-cycle of Modern Warfare (2019). However, it has also changed the movement meta of the game. Players can make creative plays with more mobility freedom in most situations.

Nonetheless, depending on player feedback, the devs might add the feature to the game. Many people argue that taking slide-canceling is a major red flag, as it pushed for a more fluid movement in-game.

MW (2019) has been praised worldwide for its revamped game mechanics. But, the topic of Slide-canceling still remains in the dark as most players suggest that it gave birth to a “TTV tryhard” breed of players who destroy the fun of this game. So, it is a matter of time to see how players react to the absence of slide-canceling in MW2’s open beta.

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