Call of Duty: Warzone New Sticks & Stones LTM

Tahmid Shihab Murshed
By Tahmid Shihab Murshed
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Raven Software has introduced the new Sticks and Stones LTM in Warzone Season 5. Here’s everything we know about the new game mode.

Call of Duty: Warzone is approaching its endgame with Season 5 Last Stand ahead of MW2’s launch. The battle royale has gained a massive player base with new game mechanics and features. The devs have kept the game fresh by adding new game modes with the playlist update each week.

Surprisingly, this week’s playlist update features a brand new mini-royale game mode. The game mode titled “Sticks & Stones” is a varied take on a melee-only game mode. This LTM is a breath of fresh air for most players as it brings in new flavors to the game.

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Sticks & Stones LTM Explained

The Sticks & Stones LTM is a mini-royale game mode where player loadouts and loots are limited to melees and the crossbow. Furthermore, players will spawn with a melee weapon when they jump from the plane.

Many players might be skeptical about the game mode on Caldera instead of Fortune’s Keep. However, this is a mini-royale game mode. The players will be put inside an enclosed POI in Caldera, locking out other areas.

Mini-royale has been a fan favorite mode due to its fast-paced and multiplayer-like map properties. Furthermore, the Sticks & Stones seems similar to the game mode from Black Ops’ multiplayer mode. The game mode will remain until the next playlist update arrives. So, players can go ahead and drop into Caldera to fight it out face to face with their opponents.

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