Dev Error Causes Aydan and Optic ZLaner to Lose in $300,000 Staked World Series of Warzone Finals

CoD content creators Aydan and ZLander lost in the finals of the World Series of Warzone due to a dev error.

Call of Duty: Warzone’s high-stakes tournament WSOW brought Warzone pros and content creators under the same roof. The $300,000 tournament is set to be the last tournament before MW2’s launch on October 28, 2022.

The content creators Aydan and ZLaner were competing in the finals of the WSOW when they encountered a dev error. It kicked them out of the game, and their run for the $300,000 tournament was over right there.

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Dev Error Fiasco at WSOW

Aydan played in a trio with zSmit and Envailed as an invited team. As soon as they started their final tournament map, Aydan got disconnected due to a Dev Error. The organizers didn’t let him restart the game taking him and his team out of the tournament.

Similarly, OpTic’s ZLaner and Fifakill were also kicked out of the match during their final tournament map.

ZLaner took it to Twitter to express his frustration “You’ve got multiple players in a $300,000 tournament lagging out. I understand I’m playing an online game & crashing/lag outs can happen, but this would at least combat that a bit.”

Dev Error has been a significant issue for most players. These errors happen randomly, and with no reconnect feature, it leads to a loss in most matches. Multiple Dev Errors happening in a $300,000 tournament raise concern for the already dying state of the game. Furthermore, this is also a warning sign for upcoming titles: MW2 and Warzone 2, released later this year.

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