League of Legends Worlds 2021 Song ‘Burn It All Down’: All the Players, Easter eggs, and More

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Image: Riot Games/YouTube

Riot Games officially unveils the 2021 Worlds song ‘Burn It All Down’.

Riot Games first released a Worlds song in collaboration with Imagine Dragons back in 2014, and since then it has been in the center of hype among League of Legends players for Worlds.

Now, as the Worlds 2021 is just around the corner, Riot Games has dropped this year’s song titled Burn It All Down partnering with PVRIS.

The full title track is completed by PVRIS while written by the Riot Games Music team and Alex Seaver of Mako. However, the whole music video’s animation is done by Chinese animation giant Haoliners Animation.

Burn It All Down – Worlds 2021 Song

YouTube video

The music video alone clearly reflects Haoliners Animation’s amazing craftsmanship and how well the whole animation is done from the start to finish. And according to many League of Legends players, Burn It All Down has the best animations out of any League of Legends Worlds music videos.

The music video also showcased DWG KIA Showmaker’s amazing run in Worlds 2020 and him overcoming all the odds of winning the whole tournament last year.

All the Pro Players in Burn It All Down

Here are all the pro players in the music video:

  • Showmaker – Syndra (protagonist)
  • Faker – Billboard
  • Chovy – Orianna
  • Rekkles – Jhin
  • JackeyLove – Kai’sa
  • TheShy – Fiora
  • Bin – Fiora
  • Viper – Xayah
  • Gala – Varus
  • Blaber – Kindred
  • PowerOfEvil – Azir
  • Hans Sama – Kalista
  • BrTT – Draven
  • fNb – Renekton
  • Armut – Gnar
  • LWX – Aphelios
  • Carzzy – Ezreal
  • Wunder – Ornn
  • BeryL – Leona
  • Pyosik – Lee Sin
  • Rookie – LeBlanc

Easter eggs

Here are some of the Easter eggs found in the music video:

Arcane Posters

Arcane Posters
The sign also says “Caster Jun’s Vocal School Class”
Arcane Posters
Jinx’s Arcane Poster

Captain Flowers’ Poster

Cisco Poster

Cisco Poster

DWG KIA Canyon’s reference

More LCK players

LPL Easter Eggs

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