League of Legends: Weekly Skin and Champion Sale List

Riot Games puts sales on multiple champions and skins each week so that League players can grab some of their favorite skins and champions on discount prices.

League of Legends has over a thousand skins from 520 RP to all the way to 3250 RP/2775 RP which can cost players $4 to $35. But for some players, these prices can be a little bit too much. Therefore, Riot Gams puts sales to around 15 skins and 5 champions each week.

This weekly sale can vary from skin to skin from a 10% discount to 70% or sometimes even more. Although weekly sale doesn’t include Legacy skins, it’s a great opportunity if you wanna grab your favorite champion’s skin in lower prices.

Riot rotates skin and champion sales every week. And here is the complete list of Skin and Champion Sale for the week of August 17.

Skin Sale: August 17

  • Academy Darius — 487 RP (35% off)
  • Barbeque Leona — 375 RP (50% off)
  • Beast Hunter Sejuani — 450 RP (40% off)
  • Blood Moon Katarina — 975 RP (27% off)
  • Crime City Graves — 438 RP (55% off)
  • Elderwood Bard — 438 RP (55% off)
  • Freljord Rammus — 208 RP (60% off)
  • Gladiator Draven — 487 RP (50% off)
  • God Staff Jax — 877 RP (35% off)
  • Knockout Lee Sin — 540 RP (60% off)
  • Marquis Vladimir — 208 RP (60% off)
  • Night Hunter Rengar — 390 RP (60% off)
  • Pizza Delivery Sivir — 675 RP (50% off)
  • Resistance Caitlyn — 208 RP (60% off)
  • Scorched Earth Renekton — 390 RP (60% off)

Champion Sale: August 17

  • Elise — 440 RP (50% off)
  • Jarvan IV — 440 RP (50% off)
  • Kalista — 390 RP (60% off)
  • Nidalee — 316 RP (60% off)
  • Sion — 292 RP (50% off)


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