Will Annie Get League of Legends Victorious Skin for 2022?

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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League of Legends is potentially preparing a Victorious Annie skin for 2022.

A season of League of Legends ends at the start of November. That usually follows up with end-of-ranked splits, preseason patches, and the whole lot. When the preseason ends, the players above Gold receive a new Victorious skin.

The Victorious Skin often has a theme matching gold and silver colors. It also tries to describe victory in terms of the splash arts and tries to stick to the theme as much as possible. Usually, the skin will have some crown or items that exemplify victory to get the theme across to everyone.

Each year, a newly made Victorious skin is distributed to the players that meet the criteria. Ever since League of Legends ranked has been a thing, there has been a Victorious skin given out as a reward. Thus, there are 11 Victorious Skins right now, starting from Victorious Jarvan to Victorious Blizcrank, which came out last year.

This year’s Victorious skin would be number 12 on the list. Potentially, it has been leaked to be an Annie skin. Here is what we know so far.

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Victorious Annie Allegedly Leaked

According to the tweet from Notlin Games, Victorious Annie is the next skin on the list.

Also, one of the official League of Legends social media handles previously tweeted this.

Victorious Annie is an interesting choice, and all we can do is wait and see if this is the Victorious skin for this year. We will know more in the coming months. Watch out for our social media handles and the website to be informed of the news.

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