League of Legends Patch 11.1 Hotfix: Graves Nerf, Malphite Nerf, and Sivir, Varus Buff

League of Legends Season 11, Patch 11.1 day 1 hotfix is going to nerf Graves, Malphite, Ivern, and Taliyah while Sivir and Varus will be getting some buffs.

Unlike last preseason, 2021 preseason had been in a poor state in terms of overall balance. Riot pushed the new Mythic items, item overhaul, and some other meta defining changes in one patch that caused tank champions to completely take over the meta. Riot however did bring multiple hotfixes and balance update to fix things up later on.

And for Season 11 patch 11.1, Riot has pushed further balance update for the items along with Master Yi, Pantheon nerf, and Xayah, Gnar buff, and much more.

However, due to the holidays, there was no balance update for around a month, and in this time period champions like Graves, Malphite, and Ivern have started to dominate the game while escaping from patch 11.1 nerf list.

On the other hand, ADC champion like Varus who received multiple nerfs in season 10 is struggling to surpass the 46% win rate mark. Likewise, Sivir is also walking in the same path as Varus in terms of win rate and pick rate.

Therefore, League of Legends’ Gameplay Design Director, Mark “Scruffy” Yetter has stated that they are bringing a day 1 hotfix that is going to nerf Graves, Malphite, Ivern, and Taliyah while Sivir and Varus are set to receive buffs.

Patch 11.1 Hotfix Nerfs


  • AD: 68 >>> 66


  • W Damage armor ratio: 15% >>> 10%
  • E Damage armor ratio: 40% >>> 30%


  • Q Cooldown: 12-8 >>> 14-10
  • E Shield AP ratio: 90 >>> 80%


  • Passive Movement speed: 20-45% >>> 12-40%

Patch 11.1 Hotfix Buffs


  • Mana: 284 >>> 325
  • Q Damage: 35-95 (+70-130% bAD) >>> 40-100 (+75-135% bAD)


  • Q:
    • Mana cost: 70-90 >>> 65-85
    • Cooldown: 18-10 >>> 16-10

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