League of Legends Leaks Reveal All Upcoming Skin Line and Events

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New leaks have emerged, giving us a glimpse of new Skins and Events we can expect in the upcoming months.

The year 2024 kicked off with arguably one of the best Preseason updates in the past couple of years. The update brought new changes, such as a revamped Summoners Rift, three variants of Baron Nashor, new items, and much more. These changes combined made the game feel fresh and exciting.

Riot also hasn’t been a slouch either when it came to balance changes. In the last two months, Riot has introduced multiple patches addressing the balance of the game.

Additionally, Riot has been steadily increasing their skin catalog with each patch. Over 20 new skins have been released so far. Some of these skins came with new events as well. Currently, one of the biggest events of the year, The Lunar New Year event, is ongoing. Moreover, with over ten months remaining, we are bound to receive even more skins and events.

However, these skins and events are usually revealed only in a patch before they are released. But there has been a huge leak recently, giving us a glimpse of what skins and events we can expect in the upcoming months. So, without any further ado, let’s go over all the leaked skins and events.

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Leaked Skins and Events

Based on leaks by Big Bad Bear, here are some of the leaked skins and events we will be receiving in the upcoming months.

Note: Not all skins mentioned in this article are 100% confirmed. So, take this information with a grain of salt.

Blood Moon

The much anticipated Blood Moon skin line is making its return after almost four years. Riot has already teased the skin line in the Season 2024 Look Ahead video. In addition, Riot also revealed that Zyra will be a part of the upcoming Blood Moon 2024 skin line.

According to the leaks, the skin line will be coming to the PBE servers in a couple of days and will be released in Patch 14.5.

High Noon

High Noon will be the next skin line returning after Blood Moon. However, we do not have any information about what skins we can expect. The skin line will be coming in Patch 14.6, which is scheduled for Wednesday, March 20th, 2024.

According to the leaks, a Prestige skin for Evelynn is supposed to be released in the patch. So, we can expect High Noon Evelynn to come with the High Noon 2024 skin line.

Faerie Court

Faerie Court is said to arrive sometime after Blood Moon and High Noon, although we do not have an exact date when.

As for the skins that will be coming with the skin line, Faerie Court Soraka has already been confirmed.


PROJECT is also returning this year. It will come with the confirmed PROJECT Naafiri.

MSI Skins

Similar to previous MSI, we will also be getting a brand new MSI skin line. Additionally, this new skin line will be coming with a brand new Prestige skin for Kayle.

That’s it for all the leaks but here’s a brief rundown,

PatchDateSkins & Events
14.5Wednesday, March 6, 2024Blood Moon (Not Confirmed)
14.6Wednesday, March 20, 2024High Noon Skins + Event Pass + Evelynn Prestige
14.7Wednesday, April 3, 2024April Fools Skin
14.8Wednesday, April 17, 2024Faerie Court or PROJECT (Not Confirmed)
14.9Wednesday, May 1, 2024MSI Event + Kayle Prestige
14.10Wednesday, May 15, 2024New Skins
14.11Thursday, May 30, 2024T1 Skins
14.12Wednesday, June 12, 2024New Skins + Mythic Skin
14.13Wednesday, June 26, 2024Summer Event Part 1
14.14Wednesday, July 17, 2024Summer Event Part 2

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