League of Legends: how to show champion names instead of Summoner name in-game

Riot Games recently introduced a feature where League players can now show champion names instead of Summoner’s name in-game.

Before patch 10.18, there were only two options, either show the Summoner name in-game or hide it. The League community was divided between them as some players preferred not seeing the opponent and teammates names where others favored to show them in-game to track the players.

However, players have been asking Riot Game to include another option that would allow players to see only champions’ names above the health bar in League of Legends for years now.

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And now finally on the 10.18 Mid-Patch update, Riot has announced that they are adding another option to toggle champion name in-game. “Added the ability to show Champion names instead of Summoner names over the health bar,” Riot Games stated.

Simple following these steps, you will be able to show champion names instead of Summoner name in League of Legends:

show champion names instead of Summoner name
  • Go to your options menu, you can press the ‘Esc’ key if you’re in-game to go there.
  • Select the ‘Interface’ tab.
  • Scroll and find ‘Show Names Above Healthbar’.
  • There you will see an option to select the ‘Champion Name’.
  • Press the Okay button after selecting and you will only see champions name in League of Legends matches.

Even though you will be able to hide Summoner names and show champions’ names, the club tag will still be visible beside the champion name above the health bar.


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