League of Legends Eclipse 2022 Skins Allegedly Leaked

Rifat Mahmood
By Rifat Mahmood
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Image Via Riot Games

Prestige Edition Eclipse Senna was previously leaked, and now there are more leaks about the other champions that might get Eclipse skins.

Big Bad Bear (@BigBadBear_), who is quite well known for leaks that came true, had previously leaked Eclipse Senna Prestige Edition and that it will cost players 18K RP to obtain. The news shocked players to know they must spend so much to get that prestige skin. But Riot has confirmed that the new prestige skins will cost 125 Mythic Essence, not 18K RP.

Now, Big Bad Bear has released even more information on other champions that will get Eclipse skins along with Senna. He tweeted a link to a video on his youtube talking about those champions.

Other Champions Getting Eclipse Skins

As leaked before, Senna will be getting a Prestige Edition Eclipse Skin. Along with her, Sivir is also getting an Eclipse skin, and BigBadBear claimed that it would be a legendary skin. If so, Eclipse Sivir will be Sivir’s first legendary skin. Also, Aatrox, Sejuani, and Kayle are getting Eclipse skins, according to the leaks. Aatrox got his last skin more than 500 days ago. So Aatrox mains will be counting days till Eclipse Aatrox is released.

Possible Release Date for Eclipse Skin Line

Big Bad Bear previously stated that Eclipse Senna would be coming out in patch 12.8. They said the same thing in this leak too. So the Eclipse Skin will most likely hit the rift on April 28th, when patch 12.8 comes online. But if the leaks are accurate, players should expect to see the skins pretty soon on the PBE server.

Lunar Eclipse Leona, Image Via Riot Games
Solar Eclipse Leona, Image Via Riot Games

As to what to expect from the Eclipse skins, there aren’t any indications about that right now. But Riot previously released Lunar Eclipse and Solar Eclipse Leona. The new skins could resemble those skins but will most likely be a completely new skin line.

Rifat Mahmood is a former League of Legends writer at GameRiv.