LCS Spring 2022 Week 5 Power Rankings

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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Five weeks of the LCS have passed as we are getting an idea of what to expect from the LCS going forward this split.

LCS has been an interesting split as there is a lot that has happened with the team in terms of volatility. So, the landscape of the LCS really changes from week to week for Spring. Thus, let’s talk about the power rankings going into Week 5 and what can we expect out of the league for the next two weeks.

Power Rankings

There is a fair bit of turnover compared to the early stages of the split. TL finally has their complete roster and looks like a far stronger team than usual. Also, 100T takes a few steps back with their losses. With all that said, here is our power rankings for Week 5 of LCS Spring 2022.

As mentioned earlier, there has been a lot of changes considering the Week 3 and the Week 4 Super Week. Let’s talk about the teams briefly as they go into Week 5 of the split.

1. Team Liquid

Other than losing to GG, they were almost perfect the last 2 weeks. CoreJJ has joined the team and this team looks like the best in the LCS at the moment. Hans Sama and CoreJJ will be the best bot lane at one point but right now, top lane is dominating for TL. Bwipo is bossing teams around at the moment, and it’s fun to see that. Hopefully, that keeps up and TL can be the team they envisioned when they created this roster.

2. Cloud9

Despite the release of former head coach, LS, the team has done well in this split. They beat 100T and FLY in the past two weeks but did lose to CLG. It’s taking steps in the right direction with a team that is very talented as a roster. The interesting thing about this team will be to watch what they do in the following weeks. That will tell us how good this team is.

3. 100 Thieves

100 Thieves had a few off games in the past two weeks. Their form has not been great as of late as they lost to FLY, C9, and a struggling DIG team. They have to step up and show us that they are the best team in NA at one point but for now, they have to work more on their weaknesses individually and as a team. Hopefully, they will bounce back and we can see the best of them soon.

4. Golden Guardians

Another surprising team in the LCS like FlyQuest was in weeks past. They lost to EG and 100T but won against TL this week. Ablazeolive is lighting it up right now with the rest of the team playing reasonably well so far. It’s step by step for the team as they are making a play at a playoff spot while the rest of the teams are struggling.

5. FlyQuest

FlyQuest drops a bit after not having a great Week 4. It was a tough week for them, but they had to play a back-to-back series, which is rough this early on. It’s a bit of an asterisk regarding the results of the game as it was an unprecedented back-to-back. Let’s hope they bounce back in the following weeks.

6. Evil Geniuses

EG’s roster looks great on paper, but they have not quite lived up to it yet. They had a good week but losing to CLG at the end just does not feel good. They still have to work on the team as they gel together and learn how to play amongst each other. However, the hype has slowed down for this team and for the right reasons. Only time will tell how good this squad can be.

7. Immortals

IMT is starting to click as a team with a few games already passed. They won 3 out of the last 5 games and games that are competitive for them based on rosters. Assembling this team means getting to the playoffs, and they are fighting for it. The question is whether they can jump and grab it while it is still available. It’s a good trend going forward and we have to wait and see whether they can keep it up.

8. Counter Logic Gaming

CLG is starting to find their groove with the rookie roster as they rack up a few wins in the past 2 weeks. There was optimism about this team developing a rookie roster for the future and it’s starting to look better now. They got wins against C9 and EG, so they can look forward to the coming weeks and see if they can make the playoffs.

9. Dignitas

DIG started off well but kind of slumped in the past two weeks. Sure they beat 100T but losing against FLY and GG does not feel good, especially since they are the competitors for those playoff spots. They have to bounce back soon before IMT, CLG, and the likes start clicking and snatch those playoff spots.

10. TSM

TSM might as well stick to this spot for the future. It is a disaster for the team even though the team is playing better with a substitution. However, this will not salvage their split so far as it looks like the team is already dead in the water. Perhaps all they can do is evaluate and see what their rookies are capable of going forward and making a decision then.

In Conclusion

LCS is a very close playoff race right now in the middle of the standing. Every team except TSM can make the playoff based on the remaining schedule and it will be interesting to watch it for sure.

Let’s hope we can see some good games from them as LCS continues next week with more games for the run to the playoffs.

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