Analyzing Weibo Gaming In LPL Spring 2022

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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Weibo Gaming has been on a tremendous run in LPL Spring 2022 as they have gone unbeaten since week 1.

WBG is on a mission in their first split as a rebranded team. While they retained Suning’s roster, this team is certainly performing better than last year. With only one roster change, this team has risen to the top of the LPL and now should be regarded as the best team in the league. Let’s talk about why this is the case and what can we expect from this team going forward.

Why Weibo Gaming is Successful as a Team?

There is a lot of reason that has led us to this point with WBG. The team has had a lot of positives and some iffy moments at times. Let’s talk about the reasons as to why this Weibo Gaming team has succeeded thus far.

1. TheShy’s Resurgence

The biggest reason has undoubtedly been TheShy returning to a form that he has not been in the past few years. TheShy has gotten so much better that he is starting to look like his peak self. Obviously, when you talk about TheShy, he does have his int games. However, his performances have been much more on the positive side than the negative side.

Also, the other significant aspect that TheShy brings to WBG is his ability to turn a fight. In many cases, he literally turns the outcome of the fight by himself. The latest example would be his Sion ult to kill two people in a fight that did not look like WBG was winning. It’s an intangible that TheShy has which is causing a tangible effect on this team.

His mere presence is also making the team better. Even when Bin was with the team, top lane pressure did drag them down. With TheShy, he is drawing pressure like always and not losing by much in the process. In fact, in many instances, he is just winning the lane. Also, this is making the other sides of the map easier to play.

Overall, TheShy is bringing a lot to this team in terms of playing the lane, in team fights, and also his presence as a laner.

2. SoFM and ON Stepping Up

While TheShy has been a force in the team, a big chunk of the credit should also go to ON and SoFM. They were the 2 players who were not doing that well last year in Suning. ON’s rookie year was very shaky and many people speculated that bringing SwordArt back would instantly put SwordArt into the line-up. That has not been the case and ON has looked exceptional.

There were a few missteps but ON’s positives as a player currently outweigh negatives by a lot. His Thresh and Rakan have been phenomenal but he has also stepped up on playing the Tahm Kench. ON’s growth as a player is very nice to see while he pairs up with SoFM for roams. WBG is one of those teams that leaves their ADC, Huanfeng on an island while ON roams around to get vision and perhaps a pick.

With the pairing of SoFM and ON, this team has gained more control as a team while their laners do their thing. SoFM coming back to form and ON finding his footing has given this team something to work towards, particularly tailoring or diverting the game to their strengths.

3. Their Own Style

WBG is not one of those teams that conform to said meta in many cases. Sure, they pick a lot of meta champions at times but they are not shy of just literally going out of that norm. TheShy has played a bunch of Sion games and why wouldn’t he when he is curb-stomping everyone in his lane. SoFM has been versatile with his picks while ON has stuck to his pool of champions.

Angel and TheShy have been the two players who are playing whatever fits their comp regardless of meta champion or not. This brings a uniqueness to the team that is sticking to their identity as a team, pretty much winning in team fights.

That’s the other thing that makes Weibo Gaming such an interesting team. Their team fighting is messy and somethings incoherent but they turn a fight like it was nothing. Whether it be Huanfeng flanking on an ADC, or TheShy literally turning in killing two of them, or Angel using Corki to jump into the opponents and try to kill two of them, it’s these individual flashes of brilliance that makes this team solid.

Every single player on this team is capable of pulling out a rabbit from a hat at any given moment and they do it consistently. They are decisive as a team during the mid game and they understand that taking these risks is part of their style. This is why they tend to lose so weird games and then come back in the next one and blow their opponents out. Weibo Gaming is certainly one of the most interesting teams in the LPL right now.

What’s Next For This Team

While they are sitting at the top, they have some tough games coming up. They play RNG this week while future weeks have games against TES, RA, IG, and JDG. These are some challenging series to deal with as most of those teams are in form. The same can be said for WBG as their win streak means something considering they have played V5, LNG, EDG, and the likes in that run.

It’s something to look forward to as this team gets better and refines their style more and potentially be at MSI this year. LPL is always a league to watch as teams bring different strengths to the table each year and Weibo is doing just that. Let’s hope they keep this up, and we can see great League of Legends from them.

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