LCK Spring 2022 Week 2 Power Rankings

As the LCK Spring 2022 Week 1 has passed, here is our power rankings for Week 2 of the split.

LCK is off to a great start with wins being distributed across most teams. However, there were some disappointments in the first week as two of the potential playoff teams in Kwangdong Freecs and DRX go 2-0. Also, we saw some great games like the Gen.G vs DK series, which is a must-watch even now. With all that said, let’s go into the power rankings for our positions for the teams going into week 2.

Week 2 Power Rankings

The top and bottom of the list for this week were not very hard to choose for the list. However, the middle was as close as it gets so differentiating between the teams this early in the split is quite difficult. Thus, this is our power rankings on how we view the LCK for the upcoming week.

LCK Spring 2022 Week 2 Power Rankings

As the image above depicts, the top 3 are pretty solid irrespective of when you make this list. It was very clear that Gen.G, DK, and T1 were going to be top of the league in any order. The middle is very close after week 1, and we should see some separation in the coming weeks. The bottom two are obviously the surprise of this week. Let’s talk about the teams a bit briefly now.

1. Gen.G

Labeled as a super team in the LCK, this team is certainly living up to it in Week 1. They not only took care of DRX easily but also had that excellent series against DK. In that series, Gen.G was exceptional for the most part even in the game they lost. Still, you can see some issues with the team in terms of coordination but that will be ironed out soon.

Peanut and Lehends have definitely had a resurgence thus far with Doran stepping up with the team. This is the dream situation for Chovy and Ruler as they can rely on their teammates and do what’s necessary in-game. Thus, with all of those components, Gen.G is the clear top team in the LCK for now.


Separated by that one series loss, DK ends up 2nd in our rankings. This team is a remarkable team themselves after the addition of deokdam and Kellin. A change in their style compared to last year as DK focuses more on giving resources bot side. It was no doubt it would work considering how potent their new bot lane is.

The only blip for DK is their top lane. In the Gen.G series, Hoya got better as the series went on, but it did not bear fruit. It’s a situation DK needs some time to resolve as they decide which top laner to go with. Regardless, DK is the 2nd best team right now.

3. T1

Considering Week 1, T1 is definitely 3rd on the list. However, with their two series, there seems to be a skill gap between themselves and DK/Gen.G. With most of the roster returning, there is no doubt that they will improve. Zeus still needs time as a top laner to adjust thus T1 is still in a very good spot. Thus, they deserve to be 3rd on the list and could climb higher in the following weeks.

4. Fredit Brion

This is one of the biggest surprises of Week 1 in the LCK. Fredit Brion looks great and thus lands in 4th in our list. They look surprisingly coordinated and clear as a team despite the individual parts not being the best in their positions. The sum of all those components is really solid, and they are showing that coordination can trump talent if you execute it right.

A big credit should go to their coaching staff and the players buying into their style. UmTi is definitely making a name for himself thus far. To witness how good BRO has gotten, look no further than the T1 series. At the start, most people including us kind of counted them out. However, they have proved us wrong and we are excited to see how they perform going forward.

5. Hanwha Life Esports

Even with two of their best players leaving, HLE still looks fairly solid. The addition of Karis is working well as he finally gets his shot in the LCK. It’s not a lot to go on with the team so far, but they are showing some solid play. OnFleek has definitely brought something into the team and SamD and Vsta are working really well. The question is whether they can keep it up. For now, this is a good spot to be in.

6. Nongshim RedForce

With their new roster, NS ends up in 6th. They had a fairly easy schedule but still went 1-1 for the week. The team still has issues to work on and as we said earlier, the middle of the LCK is really close in terms of skill level at the moment. They should be rising in the coming weeks as a potential playoff team.


LSB ends up 7th on our list after their 1-1 start. While they punched DRX in the face, LSB still lost to NS. Dove in the top is lane working well thus far and the team is starting to come together a bit. Despite the loss of Summit, FATE, and Effort, this is still a solid enough team to potentially make a run for the playoffs.

8. KT Rolster

KT ends up 8th on our list with their win against KDF. They have looked off against DK, which was to be expected. However, their win against KDF felt more like KDF giving it up than KT winning it. It’s still early days but this team is going to get better. How much better is the question.

9. DRX

DRX was pretty bad last week. It’s ironic to see this team, that was potentially a playoff lock to be in this state. Sadly, DRX with their new roster has not quite come together. They have some massive miscues and such. To be fair to them tho, DRX played Gen.G which was at this moment in a time, a definite loss. However, to lose to LSB the way they did was horrible. Hopefully, they bounce back in Week 2.

10. Kwangdong Freecs

The bottom of Week 1’s power rankings goes to KDF and there is no doubt about it. Their week 1 play was abysmal, especially against KT. Ellim so far has looked like a deer in headlights with no idea what exactly to do. The team looks disjointed and that is a bad sign going forward. Hopefully, they will turn it around sooner rather than later.

In Conclusion

Thus, this is our power rankings for the LCK Spring 2022 Week 1. Gen.G, DK, and T1 should remain at the top of the league while we expect DRX and KDF to bounce back. It’s going to be a relatively tight race for the rest of the 3 playoff spots as every other team is gunning for it.

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