LCK News: Griffin Disbands and LCK Rebranding

Griffin disbands after controversies and relegation last year and LCK announces new playoff format

Once a top team in the LCK for a short stint in Griffin is now dismantled. There was a good amount of upside with the team for that short stint with their super talented team. However, with the controversy of cvMax, the team spiraled out of Worlds 2019 and never seemed to recover. On another note, LCK has announced their new playoff system to have more add more competition at the last stage of a split.

Griffin Disbands

On 2018, Griffin was the hottest team in the LCK. Due to a bad Spring Split 2018 performance, they did not make it to Worlds while all the LCK fans wanted them to be there. Spring 2019 was still dominant for them. They were one of the top teams in the LCK and were on-route to Worlds.

However, controversies derailed their course. Controversies included their head coach cvMax and manager Cho Gyu-nam. With the controversies regarding Kanavi’s JDG contract and other factors, cvMax leaves before Worlds 2019. The team only made quarterfinals and lost to Invictus Gaming. Sadly, that was an underachievement given their pedigree at the time.

After Worlds, more fuel is added to the controversy when Viper and Sword make statements against cvMax. cvMax responds back with the situation manager Cho had created with Griffin with Kanavi’s contract and other issues. That resulted in Cho leaving Griffin and Griffin management apologizing to cvMax.

However, that still resulted in an investigation by Riot where cvMax and Cho were both suspended indefinitely. cvMax’s suspension was later postponed due to mishandling of the investigation. cvMax has been suspended before KeSPA Cup 2020 for 6 months after another independent resolution was made. The trial for cvMax’s abuse allegations is still ongoing.

Due to this dispute, Kanavi becomes a free agent and he ultimately signs with JDG. Chovy, Lehends, and Doran leaves while Tarzan, Viper, and Sword stays albeit not for long. Thus, the next top LCK team was broken up due to scandals. Ultimately, in Spring Split 2020, the fall into the relegation battle where they lose and get relegated. Except for Sword, everyone leaves and the team is a shell of themselves.

Earlier today, they announce the dissolution of the team. They had some significant achievements in the very short stint in the LCK. However, they lack of actual success will forever be remembers as a lack of not fulfilling their potential.

LCK Rebranding

LCK has gone through franchising this year with old teams and some newly rebranded ones entering the scene. They also rebranded their logo and scheduling. With that, there are also changes to their playoff format and championship points were updated.

LCK has now undergone a rebranding like the LEC has several years ago. With franchising, new base salary for players and new sponsors, LCK looks to be moving forward to be a better league. LCK is set to start from the 13th of January and it promises to be a good year for them.

The new LCK schedule will be divided into two rounds. The first round will be two best of 3 matches each day through Wednesday to Sunday. On the other hand, the second round will be the same number of best of 3s but only four days from Thursday to Sunday. LCK Challengers league will be five best of 1s per day on Mondays and Tuesdays.

LCK playoffs are also different now with the old King of the Hill system gone. This new format is more in line with what we see in the LPL, LEC, and LCS. The playoffs format will be single-elimination double bracket system. Top six of each season will qualify for playoffs. With franchising, this will bring in more competition in the playoffs stage of each split.

Lastly, Championship points was also updated in light of a new playoff format. Spring Split champions will get 90 Championship Points while Summer Split champions will automatically qualify for Worlds 2020. Here is the whole points breakdown:

In Summary

Griffin disbanding is a very sad event and it is one of the sad stories of the LCK of unfulfilled expectations and potential. The rebranding of the LCK so far has been in the direction. Although the one problem with this system is that Summer Split is weighted much higher than Spring Splits. So there could be some concern there whether teams actually try hard in Spring Split or not. Regardless, LCK is looking to be a competitive region this year.

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