Khan joins Damwon Gaming, Nuguri to join the LPL

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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Image: DAMWON Gaming

While Nuguri remains a free agent, Damwon Gaming signs Khan and Chasy to the top lane. Here is what we know so far.

Damwon Gaming (DWG) won Worlds 2020 last year and they had two major free agents to re-sign. They re-signed Beryl on November 20th and was in hopes to re-sign Nuguri back to the team. However, as days passed by, Nuguri started to get a lot of suitors. Today, DWG sign Khan and Chasy to fill up the top lane spots. The moves send a signal that Nuguri is not going to come back to DWG.

Khan and Chasy Additions

Khan played for FPX in the LPL last year. FPX failed to qualify for Worlds 2020 after winning in Worlds 2019. For Khan, he was on and off the lineup for games and did not play much in the playoffs. It was a signal for Khan to leave and now he joins another Worlds champion.

Chasy was part of the winning team of Challengers Korea summer, Awesome Spear, and has been signed by DWG for their main roster.

DWG has no lost their coaches and Nuguri is likely leaving as well after these moves have been announced, so the question is where does Nuguri go to.

Nuguri’s Destination

Nuguri had a lot of suitors within the LCK. Teams like KT, T1, etc were interested in him along with DWG. As days passed by, it felt unlikely that he was returning to DWG. T1 would be in the lead for the race but T1 recently elevated their Academy top laner, Zeus, to the main roster along with them still having Canna.

Other LCK teams are also in the hunt, but a report a few hours ago surfaced that Nuguri is going to the LPL. That seems odd given that Nuguri just won Worlds with DWG. However, the report got more credibility with the signing announcements from DWG.

Nuguri leaving the LCK for the LPL is another Korean player leaving to join a competitor region. Whether it is financially motivated or other aspects is unknown. Additionally, it is reported that FPX has offered Nuguri a lot of money.

According to this post (it’s in korean), Nuguri informed teams in the LCK that he was going to go to the LPL. Furthermore, he also added that he was moving their due to the roster. It seems far-fetched that Nuguri would leave a championship-winning roster to join another roster in the LPL.

FPX seems to be in the lead in that race according to a Weibo rumor. There also could be many other suitors in the LPL.

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