How to Join the MultiVersus Open Beta

MultiVersus Open Beta is starting soon, and here is how you can join the Open Beta and even gain early access to the game.

MultiVersus is a platform fighting game where you can play various characters across the Warner Bros. Multiverse. You can play as Batman, Shaggy, Tom, Jerry, and even Bugs Bunny, to name a few. But that is not all; it has a pretty limited roster as it is still in the beta. More characters will be added as the game gets more updates.

MultiVersus features cross-play and cross-progression. So you can play on one platform and continue from the save game on another. This makes the game accessible to many people, and since the beta is free to play, it is an excellent time to check out the game.

Here is all the information you need to know to play the open beta of MultiVersus and even gain early access to the game.

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Multiversus Open Beta and Early Access
Credit: Warner Bros. Games

MultiVersus: Join Open Beta and Early Access

MultiVersus Open Beta starts on 26 July at 9 am PDT. After the open beta release, you can go to the steam page for the game and install the game yourself. Then, you can play the game online or even with friends if you want.

But the Early Access of MultiVersus starts on 19 July. All the players who have played the closed Alpha test will get a code for early access to the game through an email. If you are not one of them, do not worry! There is another way to gain early access to it.

Early access to the MultiVersus will be given via Twitch Drops after the game goes live on 19 July. So, make sure to connect your twitch and watch the stream to get your early access copy of the game. You can check their website on twitch drops for more info on early access.

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