Hypercharge: Indie Action Figure Toy Game That Went Viral – Everything You Need to Know

Tanim Hasan
By Tanim Hasan
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Credit: Digital Cybercherries

Hypercharge is a cool-looking third-person shooter where you play as a toy inside a store. It has gone absolutely viral on Twitter. Here is everything you need to know about Hypercharge.

Hypercharge is an indie shooter game developed by only five people. Here you can choose to play as a toy. Your goal is to defend yourself and survive. But that is not all; you can also customize your character as you play and unlock new cosmetics.

Hypercharge went viral on social media with its fun gameplay and good graphics. The gameplay seems fun and has a variety of weapons to choose from. In addition to that, the graphics look really good. It makes you feel like you are playing with a real toy.

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Hypercharge: Everything You Need to Know

Hypercharge has been on PC and Switch for quite some time. But now they are gearing up to launch it for the new Xbox Series S and X. On their Twitter page, the developers shared some gameplay. In there, they showed off a player fighting an airplane and taking it down.

The PC and Nintendo version of the game has both PvP and PvE. And by the look of the gameplay that is shown, it looks like the Xbox version will also feature both modes. We can also assume that we will have both online multiplayer and split-screen local co-op when the game launches since the other two versions also have them.

Hypercharge Gameplay Screenshot 1
Credit: Digital Cybercherries

How to Play Hypercharge

You can play Hypercharge on Steam if you are on the PC and Nintendo Switch. The Steam version of the game is called “HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed.” There is a demo you can try on Steam before you buy the game. So you can jump in right now to check whether you like it or not.

But if you are on Xbox, unfortunately, you can’t play this game just yet. The developers in their tweet said they are working on an Xbox version, and it is coming along nicely. But no news on when it will actually come out for the Xbox. Nonetheless, they do have a signup page for the game where you can signup to get the latest news on Hypercharge for the Xbox.

And lastly, there is no news for a Playstation version. They are focusing on the Xbox version right now. However, in the tweet, they also replied that they have plans for a Playstation 5 version of the game.

Hypercharge Gameplay Screenshot 2
Credit: Digital Cybercherries

Hypercharge Release Date

As of right now, Hypercharge does not have a definite release date. The developers said they are working on the game, and it is coming along nicely.

However, Hypercharge: Unboxed, the PC and Nintendo Switch version of the game, was released in 2020. So it is available on the Switch and Steam for PC. So, if you want to play it on either of these two platforms while you wait for the Xbox version, you can do that.

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