Jhin’s canon face without a mask has been accidentally revealed

Wild Blue Studio who are behind the Zed comic accidentally revealed Jhin’s real canon face without a mask.

League of Legends has a fair share of champions who are full of mysteries. But one champion in particular who is in the center of the players’ curiosity is the Virtuoso himself.

Based on lore, Jhin is a criminal psychopath who thinks murder is an art. While Jhin causes terror in Ionian, his main motive, his real name, or his real face is still full of mysteries. Since his release back in 2016, League players have been fascinated with his mask and there have been countless theories about his real face.

Riot Games however has been revealing the champions who are behind masks — Zed, Master Yi, and Shen are some of them. Resulting in many Jhin players wondering when they will get to see his real canon face.

Jhin’s Canon Face

Last year, the Zed comic by Wild Blue Studio revealed some of the major face reveals including Zed and Shen. And during that time, a Twitter user also posted some leaked concept art of the comic where there was a censored version of Jhin’s real face.

While there were many doubts, last year, former Rioter WAAAARGHbobo who is Jhin’s writer confirmed on Reddit that they have indeed given Jhin’s face to the artists of the comic.

“As for the face, we actually commissioned and have images of Jhin’s basic face for the comic. Created as a reference for the artists (exclusively). Mostly because we knew we might’ve shown Jhin partially and briefly unmasked…” WAAAARGHbobo said.

Recently, the same artist, Wild Blue Studio, has shared the concept arts that were leaked last year on their official art station. However, instead of sharing the censored version, they mistakenly shared Jhin’s full face which is very likely to be the Virtuoso’s unmasked real face.

Here is the full art of Jhin’s canon face: (Image is embedded from Spideraxe30 on Twitter)

Jhin's real Face
Jhin canon face concept art by Wild Blue Studio

However, it seems the reveal was a mistake and the Wild Blue Studio meant to post the censored version of Jhin. The uncensored or the canon version of Jhin’s full face has now been deleted and Wild Blue Studio has re-uploaded the previous censored version on their art station.

Players’ Reactions

Since the face reveal, there have been many discussions and it mostly received mixed reactions. While some people are blown up by the fact that Riot is making a faceless champion “hot” or “attractive” to pull out “thirsty marketing techniques” others have found the reveal pleasant.

Many players are saying that they are extremely unhappy with this face reveal. “Takes away his mysterious vibe, it’s cool but part of what makes Jhin’s character is his design and lore. So, I’m honestly against it,” one Jhin main said.

There are also countless memes surrounding this face reveal as well.

Regardless, many players did find his face accepting and happy about the fact that his real face also looks very similar to his mask.

Jhin always had a face

Riot confirmed five years ago that Jhin always had a face. In fact, he is very much a “human and tends to blend in if he goes out without his “costume”.”

Is Jhin’s new face officially confirmed?

Although Jhin’s real face is shared by the artists behind the Zed comic, it is yet to be confirmed by Riot Games. The face was created as a reference and Riot can change the real face any time they want before announcing it officially.

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