JD Gaming and Gen.G qualify For LoL Worlds 2023 Quarterfinals

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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Image Credit: LoL Esports

JDG and Gen.G become the first two teams to advance to the Worlds 2023 Quarterfinals.

Day three of the League of Legends World Championship 2023 Swiss Stage has just concluded. Today, we got to see four of the undefeated teams, JDG, Gen.G, LNG, and G2, go up against each other in the first BO3 of the Swiss Stage.

In the first series, JDG edged out LNG in a tight 2-1 series, while Gen.G secured a 2-0 victory against G2 to round up Day 3 of the Swiss Stage. With victories secured, both JDG and Gen.G became the first two teams to qualify for the Worlds 2023 Quarterfinals.

With that said, let’s delve further and break down both these series.

JD Gaming vs. LNG

On one side of the bracket, we had the tournament favorites and current LPL champion, JD Gaming, going up against the third seed of LPL, LNG Esports. It was a rematch of the LPL 2023 Summer Season finals, and similar to the series, It was a hard-fought battle between both these LPL giants. But ultimately, JD Gaming managed to take home the victory.

The first game of the series was relatively one-sided, with JDG gaining incremental advantages throughout the game, resulting in a nearly 8K gold lead and a 27-minute victory. The second game was totally the opposite, as LNG was ahead in every stage of the game, leading to a 28-minute win. The third game was a total back-and-forth, but JDG’s team composition and immaculate team fighting led them to victory at the end.

Image Credit: LOL ESPORTS

Gen.G vs. G2

On the other side, the LCK Summer Champions Gen.G versus the LEC Champions G2 Esports. It was one of the Swiss Stage’s most anticipated matchups, a classic LCK vs LEC. G2’s fantastic performance against DK and Weibo Gaming led many to believe that it would be a close series, but Gen.G managed to edge it out in the end.

It was a 2-0 series victory for Gen.G. However, in both these games, G2 managed to hold their own in the early game, but when it came to the mid-game and team fighting, Gen.G simply outperformed them.

Image Credit: LOL ESPORTS

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Tomorrow, for the fourth day of the Swiss Stage, we have four BO1 games to look forward to. Among these, Cloud9 vs T1 and KT Rolster vs Weibo Gaming should be the most exciting matchups.

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