Hyper Scape launches new Team Deathmatch mode, free-roam training ground, and more

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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Image: Ubisoft

With the new patch V2.3 for Hyper Scape, Ubisoft will be adding a new team deathmatch mode, free roam training mode, an in-game feedback system, and more.

Hyper Scape, the free-to-play battle royale from Ubisoft, has not been performing well in recent times. With so many other options in the BR scene, Hyper Scape is just falling behind the other huge titles.

However, the devs are still working hard to bring new players into the game, while mitigating existing player’s issues at the same time. And with the new Patch 2.3, the devs will be trying out new modes and features, which will still be in beta, to gather feedback from the community.

Team Deathmatch

The most highlighting mode in this update has to be the latest TDM game mode to be introduced into Hyper Scape. This limited-time TDM beta mode will pit two teams of six against one another in a certain part of the Neo Arcadia map.  The winner will be the first to reach 40 eliminations or have the most kills in 10 minutes. If you get eliminated, you will respawn with your weapons and hacks, so there will be no frustration of looking for new loot. However, more loot will spawn throughout the match so you can build the perfect loadout for yourself.

In Ubisoft’s blog post, Game Director Thomas Simon was asked if TDM will become a permanent mode. Simon replied, “Team deathmatch becoming a permanent game mode depends on its success with the community, but I’d say that’s what we are indeed hoping for as we believe there’s room for a focused, small team experience next to the battle royale game modes. In any case, TDM will continue to receive upgrades in terms of systems, new maps, and gameplay balance in the coming weeks and months.”

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The Arcadium is a new free-roam training mode where the entire city of Neo Arcadia is yours to explore at your own pace.

In Arcadium, you’ll be able to practice your parkour and train with different hacks and weapons without worrying about interruptions. Target bots and flying drones will be present in Neo Arcadia to help you improve your marksmanship. But as of now, this will be a Solo mode only.



Ubisoft will be adding a Voting/Feedback system that will help them to directly ask specific questions to the community and allow for quick collection of responses. These will be questions coming directly from the developers which will give players new opportunities to provide their feedback on certain elements of the game and the overall experience.


horizontal rankdivisions hs final1

Patch 2.3 will reactivate the Player Ranking system by making duo crown rush a ranked mode. The current rankings will be reset to allow players to compete fairly following all the recent changes in that system.

Each of the 6 Player Ranks have now been broken down into more granular divisions. Each Rank will have 5 Divisions, and each Division will have its own logo allowing for quick comparison between players. As part of this change, the Ranking thresholds have been rebalanced to allow for a wider spread of competition providing more opportunity for progression and player comparison.

Hyper Scape’s Team Deathmatch mode is available on all platforms. To find the full patch notes for update V2.3 visit here.

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