Rainbow Six Siege: Tachanka’s “Slava Korolyu” Elite set is here

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
2 Min Read
Image: Ubisoft

Lord Tachanka is back at his crown with the new ‘Slava Korolyu’ Elite set and his powerful Shumikha Launcher.

After years of serving as a meme operator, Tachanka will now be stronger than ever after receiving a major rework. This newly reworked operator was introduced to the live servers yesterday with Patch Y5S3.3.1.


Tachanka’s new Elite set was announced in an outlandish reveal trailer, featuring his throne made of LMGs and Ammos, tanks spitting out fires, horses breathing out smokes, and all of this encapsulated together with a powerful BGM.

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This whole Siege community was stunned with this new video, and this surely ranks as one of the best elite reveal trailer made for Rainbow Six Siege.

YouTube video

The Slava Korolyu elite bundle includes the Lord’s iconic helmet while revealing his muscly body underneath. Also included are skins for his Shumikha Launcher, the DP-28, 9x19VSN, GSH18, and PMM, and the Elite Tachanka Chibi charm.

The new elite set will cost you 1800 R6 credits, but Year Pass owners can grab it at a discount for 1620 R6 credits. So get into the game and try out the newly reworked Tachanka in all his glory.

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