How You can Get the Pro-Flashlight in Lethal Company

Abu Taher Tamim
By Abu Taher Tamim
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Flashlight is the best item in Lethal Company. But, do you know, how to get the Pro-Flashlight? Let’s find out!

Lethal Company sends recruits to abandoned moon facilities to scavenge precious scraps, but danger lurks around every corner. All manner of horrors and traps await in the darkness, ready to attack at a moment’s notice. Therefore, you need to equip yourself with a high-powered Pro-Flashlight can provide an advantage over the ominous threats that fill these structures.

While a standard flashlight can provide some needed light, getting your hands on the more powerful Pro-Flashlight equips you to spotlight more dangers and navigate the darkness for longer. Use this guide to obtain your own trusty, high-powered beam.

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Venturing into those ominous facilities on the moon’s surface is already daunting enough without having to fumble around in complete darkness. As a newly recruited member of the Lethal Company, it’s in your best interest to equip yourself with a light source.

Now, is regular flashlight enough? The regular flashlight can get the job done, but for maximum illumination and battery life, you’ll want to get your hands on the Pro-Flashlight.

The Pro-Flashlight in Lethal Company

Interacting with the terminal console aboard the ship gives you access to the store’s full catalog. Here’s how you can purchase this vital piece of equipment:

  • Open the terminal and type ‘Store’ to browse for tools
  • Locate the ‘Pro-Flashlight’ listing and select to order
  • Confirm the purchase when prompted
  • Wait for the supply pod to deliver your flashlight on the moon’s surface
How to Get the Pro-Flashlight in Lethal Company

A Pro-Flashlight will cost you 25 credits — a small price to pay to be able to spotlight lurking horrors or traps that await in the dark.

Making the Most of Your Light

With your brand new Pro-Flashlight in hand, you’ll illuminate a lot more area for twice as long compared to a standard flashlight. But don’t let that power go to waste! Here are some tips:

  • Check battery level before setting out so you don’t get caught off guard
  • Conserve battery by turning off the light when possible
  • Recharge back at the ship between explorations
Making the Most of Your Light

Flashlight vs. Pro-Flashlight

While the basic Flashlight available in the store provides helpful illumination, the aptly named Pro-Flashlight outperforms it:


  • Flashlight: Low brightness
  • Pro-Flashlight: Brighter beam that reaches farther

Battery Life:

  • Flashlight: Lasts 140 seconds
  • Pro-Flashlight: Lasts 300 seconds


  • Flashlight: 15 credits
  • Pro-Flashlight: 25 credits

The Pro-Flashlight costs 10 more credits but provides over double the battery life along with increased brightness. This makes it clearly superior and well worth the small additional investment.

When preparing to combat the darkness, equip yourself with the very best tools at your disposal — the Pro-Flashlight. Then use its power judiciously as you hunt for scrap during your high risk, high reward missions.

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