7 Key Strategies for First-time Contractors in Lethal Company

Abu Taher Tamim
By Abu Taher Tamim
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Did you just start playing Lethal Company? Are you looking for some beginner’s tips and tricks for Lethal Company? If you answer, yes for both questions, then you are in the right place.

I know the task ahead seems daunting — you have a quota to fill under perilous conditions with little guidance. Don’t worry, I was there not too long ago. I barely survived my first expedition and watched my crewmates meet grisly fates.

I don’t want you to struggle like I did. If you’re taking your first steps into the dangerous environment the game has to offer, consider me your mentor. With the knowledge I impart, you’ll return from your expeditions battered but triumphant, quotas filled and credits earned.

You’ll learn everything you need to know before your first mission in the following sections. I’ll explain these sections below:

  • Follow Essential Tips for Survival,
  • Install Upgrades for Your Ship,
  • Hone your Scrap Collection Strategy,
  • Master Navigating the Facilities,
  • Study the Entity Bestiary,
  • Prioritize Your First Purchases, and
  • Understand Your Crew Roles.

Without further ado, let’s look at the 7 most helpful beginner tips and tricks in Lethal Company.

Top 7 Beginner’s Tips for Lethal Company

7. Follow Essential Tips for Survival

You’ll face many perils during your contracts. Lean into these bits of universal advice to improve survival odds:

  • Recharge Electronics: Frequently top up tools at the Battery Station back in your ship so they never die mid-operation.
  • Bring Back Fallen Crew: Carry deceased comrades back aboard whenever possible to avoid harsh financial penalties.
  • Avoid Hazards like Quicksand: Watch where you step on certain surfaces and retrace steps if trapped to escape sinking deathtraps.
  • Communicate Constantly: Use walkie-talkies to warn each other of threats that crewmates can’t see themselves. Info saves lives!

6. Install Upgrades for Your Ship

Your company ship starts bare bones, but investing scrap profits into a few upgrades makes survival more likely:

  • Teleporter: This pad allows you to pull a crewmate out from a facility in an instant. Great for emergency extractions!
  • Battery Station: Recharge depleted tools like flashlights, walkies, and zap guns here between surface runs. Don’t get caught with dead gear.
  • Storage Locker: Safely stash equipment and spare scrap here. Items won’t vanish if you store them.

5. Hone Your Scrap Collection Strategy

Simply finding valuable scrap won’t earn you profits — you need to extract materials safely and sell them strategically. Do this right by:

  • Scanning Constantly: Use your wrist scanner frequently to highlight nearby scrap and pinpoint its value. Don’t hoard junk!
  • Dropping Loot Safely Outside: Carry found scrap out of the facility right away before monsters steal it. Designate a marked drop zone.
  • Timing Your Sales Carefully: Wait until the final quota day to sell all scrap for full price back at Company HQ! Save some scrap between cycles too.

4. Master Navigating the Facilities

Getting turned around in an abandoned facility with monsters on your tail is a terrifying and often fatal mistake for many new crews. Here are my tips for safely traversing these hazardous complexes:

  • Seek Main Entrances and Fire Exits: Learning where these key doors are located allows you quick access and emergency escapes. Check your map and make mental notes.
  • Use Railings to Your Advantage: Standard railings let you safely hop over threats like Hydroderes. Diagonal Stair railings however do not protect you — remember that difference!
  • Turn Valves to Stop Steam Leaks: Listen for hissing pipes venting scalding steam. Follow the sound to find the wheel valve and cut off the dangerous leak.

3. Study the Entity Bestiary

If you want to survive your first few expeditions, knowledge is power when it comes to the entities you may encounter. Here is an overview of some nasties you’ll want to keep an eye out for:

  • Hoarding Bugs: These little pests are mostly harmless, but turn aggressive if you steal their scrap piles. Four good whacks with a shovel can take them out.
  • Hydroderes: Don’t let these rolling slimes touch you, or it’s instant death. Carefully hop over them using railings whenever you can.
  • Snare Fleas: One bite from these leaping ceiling spiders paralyzes you, so watch the ceilings in every room! Knock them off afflicted crewmates.
  • Bunker Spiders: Avoid their webs and listen for skittering. Hitting these oversized arachnids six times with a shovel will kill them.
  • Coil-Heads: Never stop looking at them and back away slowly to escape these eldritch nightmares. Do not let them corner you!
  • Thumpers: Their hulking mutants cannot see, but chase loud noises aggressively. Use railings and corners to juke them during chases.
  • Eyeless Dogs: Sound triggers these vicious hounds. Crouch walk, and make no noise outside to avoid them.
  • Earth Leviathans: When you feel rumbling beneath you, leap backwards to avoid the deadly leaping grasp of these burrowing worms!
  • Forest Keepers: If you poke your head outside the ship and see one of these lumbering giants nearby, teleport out immediately before being shredded by them!

2. Prioritize Your First Purchases

When you start a new contract cycle, you’ll have a limited number of credits to spend. Here is the gear I recommend buying before your first expedition:

  • Flashlights: See what lurks in the darkness before it finds you. Critical for navigating facilities.
  • Walkie-Talkies: Essential for communication between indoor Delvers and the outdoor Operator.
  • Shovel: Allows you to stun or kill some hostiles. Plus helps clear debris blocking doors.

Spend the rest of your credits on suit oxygen tanks, batteries, stun grenades or a basic med kit before heading planet side!

1. Understand Your Crew Roles

When you first start out in Lethal Company, it’s tempting to have your entire crew rush into a facility together to scoop up scrap. Don’t give into that urge! Designating roles allows you to explore efficiently and safely. Here are the three roles I recommend for any crew:

  • Operator: One person should remain safely aboard the ship to monitor the camera feeds at the terminal. As the Operator, you can track your crewmates’ locations, warn them of nearby hazards, disable traps, and even teleport them out of danger!
  • Hauler: At least one crew member should focus solely on transporting found scrap back to the ship’s storage locker. As the Hauler, you’ll let others handle the dangerous exploring while you ensure their efforts aren’t wasted.
  • Delver: The remaining members of the team will act as Delvers, heading deep into the abandoned facilities to root out valuable scrap. As a Delver, you get the thrill of discovery but also face the most risk, so proceed carefully!

Extra Beginner Tips

  • Always carry a weapon: Whether it’s a shovel or stop sign, having something to stun monsters with can save your life.
  • Don’t use voice chat outdoors: Any chatter can attract sound-based monsters, so use walkie-talkies outside.
  • Watch your oxygen levels: Your suit’s oxygen will drain, which cuts your max stamina. Recharge tanks on the ship.
  • Ping your location if in danger: Using the Terminal, others can see your location ping and come assist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Lethal Company have an ending?

There is no concrete ending, but if you fail to meet a quota, you will be “fired” surprisingly and have to restart from day one. As long as you keep hitting quotas, though, you can play indefinitely.

Can you play Lethal Company solo?

Yes, you can host a private Friends Only server and play solo. This reduces the number of monsters, but also means you have no backup!

What platforms is Lethal Company available on?

Currently, Lethal Company is a PC-exclusive game available on Steam Early Access. There has been no official word on console releases.

How many people can play together?

Lethal Company supports up to 4 players connected together online in the same session. You can have less, but the maximum crew size is capped at 4.

What happens if everyone dies?

If your entire crew dies during a surface run, your ship will automatically depart, causing you to lose all collected scrap and equipment on board. So try to keep at least one crew member alive!

Can you kill monsters or just evade them?

A few entities like Bunker Spiders can be killed with weapons like the shovel or stop sign, but more powerful threats like Coil-Heads are invincible. Focus more on evasion with them!

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