How to Walk Faster and Run in The Quarry

Learning how to walk faster and run in The Quarry will let you gain some pace in this otherwise slow-moving game.

Supermassive Game’s newest survival experience, The Quarry, tells the stories of 9 teenagers as they explore Hackett’s Quarry and its surroundings. Much like their earlier games, your decisions impact the story massively, often giving unexpected outcomes. For the best endings, you have to make sure every character survives when faced with grizzly and deadly scenarios. To achieve this, you need to make sound choices; additionally, move and run fast to escape from deadly chases or to catch someone.

Moreover, being able to walk faster will help you to explore The Quarry and its surroundings without consuming much time. The game offers many collectables and secrets that you can uncover while exploring this cursed place. Hence, follow this guide if you want a headstart on the basics of movement and know how to walk faster/run in The Quarry, no matter what platform you are on.

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How To Walk Faster In The Quarry

Gameplay in The Quarry can sometimes feel tedious and very slow. But a slow movement is sensible for a horror game where you have to interact with and keep a keen eye on your surroundings. To remove this sense of tediousness and explore at a faster rate, follow these steps:

  • PlayStation 5/ PlayStation 4: Hold L1 while moving with the left analog stick.
  • Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One: Hold LB while moving with the left analog stick.
  • PC: Hold Shift while moving with WSAD.

How To Run In The Quarry

Although you can walk faster, you cannot run with a dedicated button at will. Your characters run automatically in certain circumstances, especially when running away from someone trying to kill you, traps, or running towards someone.

Additionally, during these running sequences, you will have to avoid traps, tripping, or other obstacles with QTEs and directional button prompts. On the other hand, there will also be certain stages where the character will sprint, and you will have to press the A/X/left mouse button fast as a type of QTE to keep your character sprinting fast. Failing to do so will result in those characters ending up with a grim or gory fate. Sometimes both.

Lastly, you will also encounter certain scenarios where you will find that you are unable to run or walk faster even if you feel like you need to. Let that be saving someone or running away and hiding from someone. You may also search on the internet out of curiosity to find out why you can’t sprint during this time. Be assured that these are part of the game to add a sense of thrill or dread to your experience.

This is all there is to it about running faster in The Quarry. Now that you’re prepared with the knowledge of quick movement. Do your best to make the proper decisions so that you can save all nine protagonists from the horrors of Hackett’s Quarry and get the best ending.

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