How to Use Third-Person Mode in New Apex Legends Firing Range

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Going to the third-person mode in Firing Range has always been an option in Apex Legends. Let’s see how you can do it in the new overhauled Firing Range.

Apex Legends Season 17 Arsenal introduced many new features in the game, including a brand new reworked Firing Range in the terrain of Kings Canyon. Respawn improved tons of new functionalities that the previous Firing Range lacked.

The new Firing Range is really massive compared to the previous one. Not only is it huge, but also full of useful features. From improving your aim to learning new movement mechanics, the new Firing Range has everything you need.

Respawn even stepped up their Firing Range game by including new easter eggs here and there. You can find Nessies all over the maps, hiding in plain sight. The developers even put a cheeky Assasin’s Creed easter in there, giving you a full animated view of the Firing Range from above.

The new Firing Range indeed has new functionalities. However, Respawn did not forget to add the previously useful features that already existed in the Firing Range—for example, the third-person mode.

Despite being an FPS title, the third-person mode in Apex Legends Firing Range remained quite popular. You can see the full Legend models and cosmetics in the third-person mode. As a result, Respawn has kept this feature in the new Firing Range too. Here’s how to activate it.

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How to Activate Third Person Mode in New Firing Range

Due to the new Firing Range being so massive, finding how to activate the third-person mode will be close to impossible. Moreover, if you want to find the Assasin’s Creed synchronization easter egg, you’ll have to activate third-person mode first. So, it’s a good idea to know how to do it beforehand.

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Enter the Firing Range. After you spawn, slide down. Keep moving toward the marked direction in the picture below.

How to Activate the Assasin's Creed Easter Egg in apex

2. After you reach the edge of the Firing Range. You’ll find a rock and some stones in the corner. Go there.

How to Activate the Assasin's Creed Easter Egg in apex

3. Crouch and look directly at the marked area of the stone. Now, press Esc> Change Legend. After that, select any Legend of your choice.

How to Activate the Assasin's Creed Easter Egg in apex

4. After following the steps carefully, you’ll get into the third-person mode.

Note: Currently, activating the third-person mode using this method is kind of buggy. So, it may take you a couple of tries before you can go into the third-person mode. You may have to look at the exact spot marked in the above picture while crouching to get the best result.

How to Activate the Assasin's Creed Easter Egg in apex

There are more easter eggs waiting in the new Firing Range. Some have already been found. The community believes there are more easter eggs just like this one hiding in the new Firing Range. So, keep your eyes on GameRiv to find out more news related to Apex Legends.

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