How to Use Symbiote Surge: Spider-Man 2

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Here is all you need to know about using the Symbiote Surge in Spider-Man 2.

Marvel’s Spiderman 2 is Insomniac’s latest Spiderman game, which brings in both protagonists from the previous games. Yes, you heard that right: in this game, you will be able to web swing around the city with both Peter Parker and Miles Morales. Additionally, they also brought in a plethora of new enemies to defeat and also some iconic villains of the series, such as Venom and Sandman!

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When you’re up against a slew of formidable enemies, you need some kind of power factor to help you turn the tides of the battle in your favor. That is where the Symbiote Surge ability comes in! This ability allows you to harness all of your rage to deal massive amounts of damage for a certain period of time.

Therefore, If you’re wondering how to unlock and use this ability, then look no further.

How To Use The Symbiote Surge in Spider-Man 2

If you’re worrying about missing out on this ability or finding out about this ability too late, then don’t worry, as this is something that is unlocked just by playing the main missions. You can unlock the Symbiote Surge during the 15th mainline mission in the game. Another thing to know is that this ability can only be used by Peter.

Spiderman 2 Symbiote Surge

As mentioned, the 15th mainline mission will give you access to the Symbiote Suit. However, to unleash the Symbiote Surge, just wearing the suit is not enough. You have to fill up your Symbiote Surge meter in combat to be able to go into Symbiote Surge mode.

Once you do fill up the meter, all you have to do is press L3 and R3 together on your Dual Sense controller. And there you have it; you’ll be in a sort of a Rage Mode that enhances all of your attacks massively and allows you to incapacitate multiple enemies at once.

Spiderman 2 Symbiote Surge

However, you will remain in this powerful state for a brief period of time. Once activated, you will actually be able to gauge how much time you have left in that state by looking at the surge bar on the corner of the screen. So make sure to use this trump card wisely!

How to Fill Up The Surge Bar

Being able to access the Symbiote Surge frequently relies on your ability to fill up your surge bar quickly. You can fill up the bar by constantly engaging in combat with the enemy, performing longer combos, and utilizing Symbiote abilities like the Symbiote Blast or Symbiote Slam.

When to Use The Symbiote Surge

The offensive capabilities of the Symbiote Surge are unmatched, but as mentioned, it only lasts for a brief period. So make sure to fully utilize it by using it only when you’re completely surrounded and overwhelmed by enemies. Or you can use it in tough boss fights.

Combos with the Symbiote Surge always end up with finishers. Therefore, typically, it can one-shot most of the enemies in the game aside from the big bosses. Despite that, it still does a heavy amount of damage to them.

Another aspect of the Symbiote Surge is its defensive capabilities. While in that mode, you take drastically reduced damage from incoming attacks, and you’re immune to stagger effects as well!

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