How to Use Jetpack in Lethal Company

Samia Awal Moon
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How to use Jetpack in Lethal Company

Here is the process of using Jetpack in Lethal Company.

Lethal Company is a Sci-fi horror roguelike game. As this is a co-op game, you and your squad in space make a fantastic choice to work for a company that cares for its employees. Your main task is to collect scrap from some ghostly planets or moons and later sell them for a profit. You will be ejected into the space if you fail to do your job correctly. The environment can seem perfectly calm and peaceful, and then half of your team is dead a second later because the monsters can spawn anywhere and harm your unit.

Several items in the game can help you in your survival journey against the monsters. The Jetpack is one of the beneficial items that can help you move faster and collect scraps more efficiently. This guide will teach you how to use Jetpack in Lethal Company.

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Jetpack in Lethal Company

How to get a Jetpack in Lethal Company

In Lethal Company, you need 700 credits to buy a Jetpack. At the beginning of the game, you won’t have that many credits, so you need to play for a bit of time and grind the credits. Later, you can buy the Jetpack from the store in the Terminal. The steps to buy the Jetpack are:

  • Go to the Terminal Console and press “E” to access the console.
  • Type “Store” then press Enter.
  • Then, type “Jetpack” and again press Enter.
  • If you want to buy multiple Jetpacks or other items, you should also mention the item quantity as “Jetpack 2”.
  • After choosing the amount, Type “CONFIRM” and press Enter To confirm your order.
  • Complete the order process, and a delivery ship will arrive soon with your Jetpack.
  • Open the ship and press “E” to take the Jetpack in your inventory.

How to Use the Jetpack

To use the Jetpack, you must equip it and press the Left Mouse button. It will help you float into the air. Then, press and hold the space button to drift around. You can use the arrow keys to move in the specific directions. There are limitations, as the thruster will get too hot and not operate if you use the Jetpacks for too long. Another disadvantage of the Jetpack is that it is pretty heavy and will slow your movements.

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