How To Catch A Fish in Spirittea

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How To Catch A Fish in Spirittea

Here is How To Catch A Fish in Spirittea.

Spirittea is a pixel-art-style simulation management RPG game. The Studio Ghibli films and other cozy games, such as Stardew Valley, strongly inspire it. The story does start like most farming sim games. You will play the role of a writer moving to the country from the city to start a new life and work on your book. After customizing your character and naming your farm, you will board a bus and head on a long journey into the countryside.

Not long after your arrival, you will soon discover some unusual happenings due to spirits. You will run a bathhouse, and your main priority will be to ensure the spirits are happy by servicing their needs.

Besides managing your bathhouse, you can indulge yourself by doing extra chores or hobbies to earn additional benefits that will contribute to your overall gameplay. Cooking, fishing, karaoke, and many more hobbies and minigames are available. But there are no guidelines to follow when doing the minigames. In this guide, you will get a complete overview of how to catch a fish in Spirittea.

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Catch A Fish in Spirittea

To catch a fish, you will first need a fishing rod. You can get the fishing rods from Song’s shop, which will cost you 400 moolags. After equipping, head to any nearby water body and press the use button (Left Shift). You can hold it to cast longer. It will take about a minute to do so.

How To Catch A Fish in Spirittea
Credit: Cheesemaster Games

You need to get the hook facing the fish and keep pressing your Left Shift button. The main part is that you need to be holding in the opposite direction that the fish is. You must hold the WASD or arrow keys while pressing the Left Shift button. That’s how you can catch the fish.

It might be quite challenging to finish on your first try, but with some practice, you will eventually get a hold of this.

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