Mastering How to Use a Respawn Anchor in Minecraft – Your Guide to Nether Survival

Asil Ahsan
By Asil Ahsan
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Credits: Minecraft

Wondering how to use a respawn anchor so you don’t have to go far back when you die? Then this guide will help you!

Alright, so we’ve all been there—exploring the treacherous Nether, minding our business, and suddenly, bam, a Ghast decides to ruin our day. Next thing you know, you’re back at square one, far away from your loot.

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But you can help yourself by not making the trek from above to the nether by entering a Respawn Anchor, your ticket to respawning in the Nether without the bed-explosion drama.

In this guide, I will describe everything you need to know about respawn anchors and how you can use them.

What’s this Respawn Anchor Thing, Anyway?

From the name it is already clear what a respawn anchor is. But those who aren’t new with the term, imagine having a set starting point, but not with a cozy bed—those don’t work in the Nether, by the way. Instead, meet the Respawn Anchor, a purple block that’s your best buddy for Nether adventures. Activate it, and voila, respawn point set!

Crafting Your Respawn Anchor

Crafting a respawn anchor requires six crying obsidian and three glowstone blocks. Early in the game, acquiring these materials might be challenging. Here’s how to obtain them:

Crying Obsidian: Discover it within Bastion Remnants and ruined Nether portals in both the Overworld and Nether. It is obtained through mining with a diamond or netherite tool or by bartering with Piglins.

Glowstone: Commonly found in clusters on Nether ceilings and overhangs. To collect full blocks, use a tool enchanted with a silk touch. Otherwise, mining yields glowstone dust, with four dusts crafting into one glowstone block.

How to Use a Respawn Anchor

Respawn Anchor
Credits: Minecraft

So, you’ve got your anchor, but it’s not just for show. You gotta charge it up with glowstone blocks.

Hold a glowstone block, interact with the anchor, and boom, you’ve got a charge. Do this up to four times, and your anchor will radiate a purple glow on top, showing it’s good to go.

When the unfortunate happens, and you meet an untimely demise, one charge goes down. When you’re out of charge, though, say goodbye to respawning in your cozy Nether spot. You’ll respawn at the world spawn point—boring, right?

Also, you’re not hogging this anchor all to yourself. If you’re playing with pals on a server, they get to share the respawn fun. Teamwork makes the dream work, even in the Nether.

A Word of Warning: Keep it Nether-exclusive!

Now, here’s a little heads up: This anchor is Nether-exclusive. If you try using it in Overworld, it won’t end well—think of a massive explosion. So, save this purple buddy for when you’re rocking the crimson landscapes.

In a nutshell, the Respawn Anchor is your Nether insurance policy. Charge it up, explore fearlessly, and even if a Blaze gets the best of you, you’ll be back in action at your chosen respawn spot. Happy Nether adventures!

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