How to Unlock All the New Characters in Raft

Learn about the new characters and how to unlock them in Raft.

Imagine you are in the middle of the deep blue ocean and are floating on a raft. No nearby land in sight. All the water, but not any to quench the thirst. All the meats are lurking around, but not any for your consumption. Now, survive. How you ask? Well, that is how Dallas works! I mean, Raft.

All you have to do is now collect as many resources as you can. There will be plastics, planks, banana leaves, and whatnot. This will also make you realize how much trash can be in the ocean. I guess the devs knew what they were doing.

Now, let’s come to the main issue. First, you start with either Maya or Rouhi. Apart from them, there are four more characters to play with. Scroll down to know more about the new characters’ locations and how to unlock them in the Raft.

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Unlocking New Characters in Raft

You need to find these characters to unlock them. All of them are at different locations and under different conditions. You don’t have to fight with them to add them to your little stash. Just interact like a normal human being, and they will do whatever it needs to survive. So, you will meet Tala, Johnny, Elaine, and Shogo. So let’s see how to catch up to them.


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Credit: Raft

Radio Tower is the location where Tala is locked. However, this is a great place to loot items like glasses and plastics. Moreover, there are loot boxes and crates all over the facility. The rescue missions are definitely worth it. Now let’s see how you can reach there.

After a certain point in the storyline, you will be able to turn on reception. You will get secret codes to access the reception. Use your boat to sail in the tower’s direction. Park the boat near the edge, then reach the top floor. It is the control room of the Radio tower. Tala will be near the desk, sitting alone and counting her days. Talk to her, give her hopes, and that is how you unlock her as a playable one.


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Johnny seems to have a good time on Balboa Island. This is the third island in Chapter 1. This island is more or less like a preservation park. Well, not Jurassic Park, at the very least. There are several outposts throughout the island.

Now, there are three Relay stations on Balboa Island. Johnny is in station #06. After you get off your boat, you will notice some broken fences here and there. Go through the broken fences, and you will find yourself reaching up to a hill. Follow the route. You might encounter some bears on the way. Pay no heeds to them. Even if you do, just run. Following the path a bit more, you will end up at station #06. Get to the top, and let Johnny know the fun days are over. Let’s get to work.


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Elaine is in Tangaroa City, a Utopia built only for the elites for doomsday. Well, that’s my theory. So what can you do more than quarantine yourself after making the sea the trashiest place than the land? Anyway, there are a lot of loots to look out for. There is a vending machine as well. So, you can come here as a last resort whenever you have a food shortage.

Before you decide to rescue Elaine, you must clean up other missions in this area. After that, look out for a small tower. The ladder is already submerged in the water. So, dock your boat near the ladder and hop on. You will eventually reach a room. There will be several seats, and Elaine is stuck in one of them. Free her, tell her what’s going to happen from now on. Leave. That is what a peak Chad moment looks like.


Credit: Raft

Shogo is the new final character to unlock in the Raft, preserved in the cryo chamber located in the Temperance reactor room. This area is available in Chapter 3. Unfortunately, this place will not bring any fortune.

Let’s get to unlocking Shogo. Reach the Research Reactor Room. You can use a snowmobile to get there. After reaching the reactor, turn left and discover yourself in a corridor. Get to the end of the hall. There will be several pods. Find the one where Shogo lies. Wake him up. And say, “You are finally awake” in a Skyrim voice. That is how you finish the job.

There you go, lone ranger. That is how you make friends by unlocking new characters in Raft. Enjoy the game, Prost!

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