How to Toggle ADS on or off in The Finals

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Credit- Embark Studios

Finding the Toggle ADS settings in The Finals can be a bit tricky. Don’t worry. We will guide you on how to do it properly.

The Finals came as one of the most promising launches at the 2023 Game Awards. Even though not many eyes were on this highly combat-centric FPS title initially, it still managed to capture huge attention with its full release. So much so that this newly released title is successfully competing against the big names like VALORANT, Overwatch 2, and CoD.

Embark Studios has successfully developed a multiplayer FPS game that features a lot of actions and destruction of objects. For experienced FPS players, the shooting mechanics may seem familiar. However, some of the in-game settings can be a bit harder to find by the game’s design—for example, the Toggle ADS settings.

Can you Toggle ADS in The Finals?

There are two types of FPS players- one who likes to hold their button to aim down sight or ADS and the one who just uses a button to toggle it.

If you are from the latter, you may face a bit of difficulty playing The Finals, as the game features hold for ADS by default. But don’t sweat it. You can Toggle ADS in The Finals. You just need to find the option in the right place.

How to Toggle ADS on or off

The Finals features an option to set your ADS in Toggle mode. However, the option is not located in the Gameplay tab like other games, rather you can find it in the Mouse & Keyboard settings.

Follow these steps to set Toggle Aim Down Sights:

  1. Go to Settings.

2. Choose the Mouse & Keyboard tab.

How to Toggle ADS on or off
Credit: Embark Studios

3. Find Aim Down Sights (Toggle) and click on it.

4. It will ask you to assign a key.

How to Toggle ADS on or off
Credit: Embark Studios

5. Choose Right Mouse Button if you want to override the ADS settings from Hold to Toggle.

How to Toggle ADS on or off
Credit: Embark Studios

6. Press Confirm.

That’s it! Now you can Toggle your ADS on or off using your Right Mouse Button. No need to hold the button anymore.

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