How to Survive Kraven’s Traps: Spiderman-2

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By Asil Ahsan
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Credits: Insomniac Games

If you are wondering how to survive Kraven’s traps without facing adversities, this guide can help.

In the latest entry of Insomniac’s Spiderverse games, you will have to tackle Kraven and his hunters until the game’s final Act. At a certain point in the story, Miles will be kidnapped by Kraven so that he can draw Peter out to a 1v1 battle.

But Miles knows how the symbiote suit is already changing Peter. So, he has to break out of Kraven’s prison and the traps he laid out for him. While it may seem easy at first, surviving all of Kraven’s traps can be a bit difficult, especially the first two.

Don’t worry, as in this Spiderman-2 guide, I will go through how to survive Kraven’s traps and reach your destination as fast as possible. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the details, shall we?

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Surviving Kraven’s Traps

Kraven sets up three trapped rooms for Miles to pass through:

Room 1: Laser Field

What can stop a venomous electric spider? Kraven’s answer to that was lasers. The first trapped room is a laser field that you will have to go through. This laser field is divided into two parts.

Kraven Trap Laser V1
first laser | Credit: Insomniac Games

The first part comes with two sets of vertical lasers that move horizontally. To pass through them, go to the edge of the floor and wait for the lasers to create space in the middle when they are moving to the sides. Afterward, just zip through two the next platform, which is in the middle of the room.

Kraven Trap Laser V2
Second laser | Credit: Insomniac Games

Next section of this laser puzzle involves three sets of lasers. This time, you will have to face a horizontally placed laser that is moving vertically. Same as before, head to the edge of the floor and wait for all three sets of lasers to create an opening and zip through them.

Room 2: Gas Chamber

The next room is filled with poisonous gas, and as soon as you enter it, you’re locked inside. To get out of this trap, you will need to power the vent system by activating three generators.

First Generator

Kraven Trap Generator 1
location of generator 1 | Credit: Insomniac Games

You will find the first generator on the left side from the center of the room. It is next to the wall. Once there, you will have to venom punch it to activate.

Second Generator

Kraven Trap Generator 2
location of generator 2 | Credit: Insomniac Games

The next generator is directly the opposite of the first one, blocked by some pipes. Just pull them down, zip through, and reactivate the generator.

Third Generator

Kraven Trap Generator 3
location of generator 3 | Credit: Insomniac Games

At the center of the room, look up to the ceiling. The third generator is up there. Crawl up there and venom-punch it to glory.

After all three generators have been activated, the door to the next room will open.

Room 3: Battle with Hunters

The final room is relatively simple; there are different categories of hunters waiting for you, and you will have to beat them all to get out.

At this point of the game, you’d have encountered all types of hunter enemies, so take them down with some smooth combos. But be careful, and there are some heavy hitters there who can drain your HP like butter.

And that’s it! This is how you can survive all three traps set by Kraven. Best of luck!

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